Presenting you the ultra smart calendar app that has been a long time coming; Fantastical 2 Free is a powerful easy-to-use calendar app that allows you to manage basic events. Its beautiful user design interface won it a well-deserved award. It has numerous features like language parsing, weather forecast, task support and of course a full year calendar prescription. What makes it so fantastic is its thematic customisation options and handoff support between devices like Mac and iPhone. The Verge aptly reviewed it as the ‘calendar app your Mac has been waiting for’. We couldn’t agree more!

FULL NAME:Fantastical 2

Key Features Of Fantastical 2 Free 

Automatic Sync
The Fantastical 2 Free will automatically sync all your Apple powered devices like Mac, Apple Watch and iPad. So the changes you make to your calendar in one device will automatically reflect in all other devices, ensuring you never lose track of upcoming events in your life. You can stash the important dates comfortably into your iCloud. This way, you will never forget anniversaries and birthdays of your loved ones.

Set Daily Reminders
Worried about missing a friend’s birthday? Or crossing the deadline for a project submission? You don’t have to fret anymore. With Fantastical 2 Free, stay up to date with all events in your life. Plan out your schedule in a beautiful calendar layout and never miss another important event. Set location reminders for upcoming parties and trips. Add notes to the events existing in your schedule so you don’t forget the details.

Calendar App Fantastical 2 Arrives on Mac | PCMag

Premium Subscription
The paid version comes with greater perks to enhance your app experience. It automatically syncs with other important apps like Google Tasks and Weather. Extend your weather forecast to 10 days from a meagre 3 days in the free version. You can customise event colours, home screen icons and alert sounds. You can also subscribe instantly to other interesting calendar sets like TV shows, holidays and much more. 

Language Compatibility
Now, Fantastical 2 free is fully transformed into your native languages. It doesn’t matter if you speak Spanish, French, German or Japanese, the calendar will transition into your language effortlessly.

Minimum Requirements On PC

Operating System: Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8.1/Windows 10

CPU Processor: Intel 64-bit processor, OSx10.7

RAM Memory: 120.5 MB

How To Download It On PC

Despite being such a powerful app on Play Store, Fantastical 2 Free isn’t available for download on computer. It is available only on Macbook. But where there is a will, there is always a way. If you are looking to install this powerful application on your PC, we got you covered. We will show you how to go about the process by using an android emulator known as Bluestacks. This android emulator lets you run mobile apps on PC at six times the speed of an android device. 

  1. Firstly, go to It is the official site of Bluestacks and it will provide you with a reliable download link.
  2. Bluestacks will launch automatically after download completes. You will find the Play Store on its home screen. Click it open.
  3. After signing into your Google account, you can search for your app’s name in the search bar. Once you find it, click it to start downloading.
  4. In a few minutes, your calendar will be ready for use on the desktop.

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