Fallout offers some of the best gameplay features and also an impressive storyline. Through several iterations, the theme has been the same where the setup is based on post-apocalyptic warfare that has taken place between the USA and China. 

After this nuclear war, your character has several missions and tasks laid out in front of him. The game revolves around this aspect of almost all fallout games.

The game is available on a wide range of consoles and gaming platforms which ranges from macOS, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android to play stations and Xbox iterations over the years. Even the Nintendo switch has its very own version of the Fallout series. 

Shelter Mod for Fallout 

Shelter Mod
Shelter Mod

Speaking about mods, these are quite compelling in offering an extensive array of changes to the game to make it quite exciting and making the game playable. Furthermore, these mods either change the overall landscape of the game or make subtle changes here and there to make the game enjoyable. 

The shelter mod for Fallout encapsulates several mods under one pack which makes the gameplay quite faster eliminating the wait periods for each task to be accomplished. From the extensive list of mods, players have the option to disable or enable them based on your preference. 

Here is a list of mods available for this game:

  • No, destroy restrictions. 
  • Coffee break buttons. 
  • Instant training. 
  • 100% scrapping rate. 
  • Mysterious stranger. 
  • Instant breeding. 
  • Pet bonus modification. 
  • Training config. 
  • Unlimited resources. 
  • Produce quantum. 
  • Instant child group. 
  • Disable controller vibration. 
  • Instant wasteland quests. 
  • No explorer limits. 
  • Removal of simpacks. 
  • Skip objectives. 

There are plenty other than this, but then the ones given above are just a few. Each one of them can personally be enabled and disabled based on your usage. 

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