The fallout series has forever been the epitome of an immense graphical gameplay scenario and providing a much better take on the overall gameplay experience. No doubt, the game offers much more than an open world gameplay experience; it was the fall series’s founding grounds and did provide something extraordinary. 

The overall story revolves around the post-apocalyptic scenario, where there is a nuclear war raged between the USA and China. Your characters play a courier role whose job is to deliver things from one place to another. But in the middle, you are ambushed, and your package is stolen. It’s from here that the game starts. 

The game has excellent gameplay and also offers much more than just a storyline. But there are many side quests, beginning a new journey, making friends, defeating enemies, and much more. The game was developed by obsidian entertainment and published. By Bethesda Softworks back in 2010. The game is available on Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, play station 3. 

Mods for the Game

Fallout New Vegas Multiplayer Mod
Fallout New Vegas Multiplayer Mod

Mods/modifications help in elevating the gameplay of a game. It can do so by either improving the gameplay or by adding additional elements of sorts. But then for this particular game and about the title, we have a multiplayer mod for New Vegas that you will love. 

The mod is developed by the fans. It helps get the best of gameplay by establishing a multiplayer scenario for the game on computers. This particular mod was developed by Vault-Tec and supports an array of different things that do make the game fascinating and exciting to play. All of the things that are working correctly through this mod are given as follows. 

  • Syncing of movements by the characters along with animations and AI. 
  • DLC support for the complete fallout experience. 
  • GUI overlay for chatting purposes. 
  • Server browser in-game with a dedicated server and maser server. 
  • Enjoy the overall relay of players to enjoy the online space and indulge in online games’ different features. 
  • Defining gameplay rules by server-side scripting. 

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