The fallout franchise never fails to impress the gaming community, all thanks to its diverse classification of games that it has to offer. No doubt, every day under the franchise is something different but still retains that rustic old feel from the game. Fall out 4 is no exception and falls under that robust category of the explicit open-world game with a post-apocalyptic scenario. 

The story revolves around your playable character who has woken up for a cryogenic sleep after ten years from vault 111. Before he went to sleep, he witnessed his wife murdered, and his child kidnapped. To search for his kid and to take revenge for his wife’s murder is the primary objective of the game. 

Though there are several other NPC’s in the game that will help you out expensively in the game, it’s single-player action-packed games that provide gamers with a new outlook towards the game. 

The game was developed and published by Bethesda back in 2015. The game was released on multiple gaming platforms such as Xbox one, play station four, and Microsoft windows. 

Sex Mod for Fallout 4 

Fallout 4 Sex Mod
Fallout 4 Sex Mod

If you’re someone that is hunt for the various sex mods in the game, then there are plenty that you can try out. Though there are ones that would initiate having sex between the primary character and other NPC’s, there are different sex mods that you should take a look. 

  • Zaz’s extended skeletons. 
  • Body hair for male characters. 
  • Full male nudity. 
  • Glistening bodies. 
  • Full female nudity. 
  • Pubes. 
  • Beefy dudes. 
  • Lewd commonwealth. 
  • Enhanced vanilla bodies. 
  • More sexy armor. 
  • Skimpy clothing. 
  • Nude bodysuits. 
  • AAF morning sex with lover. 
  • Sexy clothes from Skyrim. 
  • Fusion girl body beta. 

Each of the above-given mods brings in their flavor and different take towards the sex mod. While each one increases the sex quotient in the game, the actual sex mod is quite different where players can directly engage with sexual activities with other NPC characters. Though it might seem fun at first, it gets quite weird at times, and the actions and the physical display of the scenes might not be for everyone. 

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