For an open-world adventure game, the primary task is the storyline that makes it quite interesting and exciting at the same time. Though it might feel a bit outdated, the graphics, gameplay, physics, and the character development compliment the storyline making the game well-received by fans worldwide. 

A similar philosophy was followed by Fallout 4, where the storyline is quite simple, but everything else makes the game that much better. The story revolves around your characters who have woken up from his cryogenic sleep from vault 111. As the sole survivor after a nuclear catastrophe, you have to search for your lost child after ten years and also have witnessed the murder of your wife. 

Though the story is quite sad at first, it makes up impressively through the battling and fighting scenarios. The game was developed and published by Bethesda studios in 2015. It was launched for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and play station 4. 

Nude Mod for Fallout 4 

Though the game was perfect in almost all ways, improvements could be made towards the game. These improvements can be implemented in terms of mods. And we have few mods over here, which might be NSFW mods. 

Nude mods have been popular through role-playing games. However, it might be addressing adult content in the game, the serval nude mods that players can implement in the game. All of which are given below. 

Fallout 4 Nude Mods
Fallout 4 Nude Mods

Immersive Attire Mod 

Not your average nude mod for the game, but then it’s a mod that gives characters and NPNPS’s in the game with underwear, bra, and panty. All of which are highly detailed and scaled through their attire. 

Full Nude Mod 

As the name suggests, the mod removes all the armor and cloths from all the game characters. 

Full Nude Mod
Full Nude Mod

Glorious Female Nude Mod 

If you are on the hunt for a highly detailed nude body filled with a human body’s attributes? Then this mod if for you. It grasps all the different things from a Female body with the correct physics and graphics. 

Transparent Bra Mod 

The mod does exactly what it says where the bra of female characters is changed to a see-through bra. Not a typical nude mod, but then it’s still revealing enough to be categorized under the nude mod category. 

Nude Armor Mod

While retaining all the armor’s attributes, the female character’s lose their armor for a transparent one. Though it directly represents the nude body of female characters, the experience and the attributes that armor would provide are all retained. 

Nude Armor Mod
Nude Armor Mod

Fap Boy Mod

It’s not directly addressed towards the female characters of the game, but then it was few pictures of different females that showcase a considerable amount of flesh that makes it come under the 18+ content for nude mods. 

Victoria Secret Panties Mod

Don’t worry, the mod does the same and has no different meaning. The mod gives the female character a pink panty from Victoria secret with various things that may/may not be written, addressing the 18+ adult content comfortably. 

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