The fallout series has never failed to impress games and critics alike throughout the world. The game undoubtedly has created a whole new community of fans all thanks to the things it has to offer. No doubt it’s based on a futuristic representation of the world and feels almost real. 

The story revolves around your primary characters. Well, you are living happily with your wife and kid. Suddenly out of nowhere, you see your wife getting murdered, and your child kidnapped, and when you wake up. Well, you get up after ten years from a cryogenic sleep from vault 111 and see what’s happened. 

But once you start exploring, you see that the entire country has become a wasteland. This is all because of the enmity between the USA and China and their fight over natural resources. But the hunt for your child and the killer of your wife is still on. And that becomes your primary motive for playing the game. Bundled with this is the impressive graphics and gameplay features as well. 

The game was developed and published by Bethesda studios back in 2015 for the platforms of PC, play station4 and Xbox one. 

Flashlight Mod for Fallout 4 

Flashlight Mod
Flashlight Mod

Mods are life saviours at times that helps players to get over a level relatively quickly. But then when you look at most of the mods out there, they are either targeted towards making the gameplay better or simply add on different elements in the game that could either be aesthetically pleasing or have actual attributes of sorts to help the characters in the game. 

But here, we are going to talk about the mods that have a purpose in the Fallout game, and this comes as a handy mod for exploring in the night times. The flashlight mod turns the pip-boy into a directional flashlight that is brighter than the in-game flashlight. There are different colours from which players can choose anyone and use it as per their will and wish.

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