War isn’t the answer always. But when you fast forward several hundred years, and you realize that things aren’t the same and people would do anything to keep themselves alive for basic needs. Encapsulating the same into a game isn’t an easy task, but the Fallout series does an excellent job in doing so. 

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic stage where the war between the USA and China has left things relatively barren. Especially after the nuclear war, which made things way worse. But for the main character, you were in a cryogenic sleep in vault 111 where you get up to search for your kid. 

Before going into a cryogenic sleep, you witness the murder of your wife and kidnapping your son. Hence the search. The game was developed and published by Bethesda studios back in 2015. It was released for the platforms of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

Depravity Mod for Fallout 4

Depravity Mod
Depravity Mod

Mods bring about radical changes in games and do ensure that they have playable and make the whole experience a worthwhile experience. Multiple mods can be used in a Game or a single mod comprising of different mods can be implemented, but there’s always threshold as to how many mods can be used in the game. 

Depravity mod for fallout 4 is an extension pack for the game adds upon almost 20 hours additional into the game. Though it might seem a lot, then they’re a lot more missions, quests and so much more the mods add upon. There are a total of 40 quests that are entirely new to the game. There are new companions as well.

  • Stella. 
  • Harley. 
  • Murphy. 
  • Roxy. 
  • Eden. 
  • Alerios. 

But then there are other vanilla-based companions as well. Most of them are given as follows. 

  • Nat wright. 
  • Kellogg. 
  • Isabel Cruz. 
  • Sheng Kowalski. 
  • Tina de Luca. 
  • Slave Kasumi. 
  • Cito. 

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