EZVIZ has consistently delivered the best home security cameras with tried and true features and its unique performance. Their latest product is notable for a couple of reasons which includes colour night vision, a relative novelty for consumer cameras and most importantly a complete access motion-triggered video.

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But for monitoring the cameras, you do need an application. And EZVIZ for PC provides all the facilities that are important for a security management application. 

What is EZVIZ?

EZVIZ is a security management app that allows you to monitor and control multiple CCTV cameras remotely.

For monitoring your CCTV cameras, you need to log into the application wherever you are, and in this way, you can quickly start managing your cameras.

Steps to download EZVIZ application

  • As EZVIZ is an android application, you will need to download bluestacks emulator for installing the application in your PC. 
  • Bluestacks take significantly less time to download, once you have downloaded the emulator, you can now install the bluestacks and proceed further.
  • Now, go to the Google Play store using bluestacks search page and search for EZVIZ. Make sure you have an account associated with Gmail/Google-Play. 
  • After finding out the EZVIZ application, select on the download app option and allow it to download. 
  • After the download is finished, click install and save the EZVIZ application to your bluestacks applications.

You can also download and install the MEmu player on your PC, and then download the EZVIZ apk on your computer.  Click on the apk icon on MEmu player and select the apk file that you have downloaded. 

This is another way in which you can download and install EZVIZ on your pc.

EZVIZ - Apps on Google Play
Download for Windows

Advantages of using EZVIZ

  • EZVIZ allows you to rotate the cameras, zoom in and out and save your video footage anytime anywhere. 
  • It also allows you to live stream the videos; this way, it makes it, even more, safer to manage security threats or attacks.
  • EZVIZ lets you set automatic alarms for alerts when needed. The application is perfect for use in stores, corporate settings, schools, homes and other places that require monitoring.
  • EZVIZ also has playback feature for their users. 
  • EZVIZ can also control multiple cameras at a time. 
  • It doesn’t matter which type of users you are; you will require an emulator for both mac and windows for downloading the EZVIZ application. However, it is recommended to use Bluestacks as it tops the list when it comes to selecting the best emulators.
  • EZVIZ also has network management as well as user management feature for users. 
  • It also supports user access management.
  • EZVIZ is very useful for people who are using cloud p2p service for remote viewing. 
  • As the RAM consumption of the application is low, that is why it runs smoothly. The application also comes with a low fault rate. 
Download for Windows

Final Words

You may not have come across EZVIZ very often, but you must have heard of Hikvision. EZVIZ is backup up by Hikvision only. Hikvision is a trendy and most trusted brand in the surveillance industry. 

And EZVIZ eventually follows up the footsteps of Hikvision to provide excellent quality.  Without any doubts, get yourself an EZVIZ application and keep an eye on your house or workplace from anywhere. 

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