Windows operating system has the most intuitive user interface. Also, it’s simple to learn and easy to use without any complicated steps in carrying out any command execution. Everything is quite straightforward, but for a few, it may not be the same.

While some might beg to differ, the file explorer of the Windows operating system can get a bit clustered on the desktop if you were to copy several files into one folder. To bypass this situation, there is a unique alternative to this problem through dedicated software.  

FULL NAME:ExplorerMax for Windows
Download for Windows

What is ExplorerMax?

ExplorerMax is a unique alternative to the native file explorer in Windows Operating System. This chrome-based user interface allows you to open multiple file explorers from a single application. Different tabs are allocated on the top indicating the file name such as downloads, documents, photos, and more. 

The primary intent of the software is to refine the overall experience of using the file explorer on the Windows operating system. Each tab can indicate different files and navigations becomes a breeze of a task. There are options to view the history as well about the applications and folders opened. 

One can use the bookmark feature to mark essential files and documents for seamless access. Through its minimalistic key work search option, accessing files becomes a breeze of a task. Encrypting files with passwords and zipping them can be carried out effortlessly. 

Explorer Max
Download for Windows

The program works like a charm on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating system. While there is a 30-day free trial, the pricing of the software starts from $7 per month. Unfortunately, there is no support for macOS.  

Key Features of ExplorerMax

Tab Interface

Feasibility of switching between multiple folder and files within one screen. 

Adaptive screen

The software analysis the screen resolution and other display scaling adaptability to produce a suitable viewing experience.  

Quick and Easy Search Options

Grouping, sorting, searching and filtering has never been an easier task. All such tasks are done at a smooth pace without any interference and hiccups. 

Bookmarking Features 

Accessing your favourite files and folders at a quick pace is possible through bookmarks. 

How to Download and Install ExplorerMax on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the application

The application is available on its official website. Download it from there. But ensure that you have the specified criteria enlisted to make the software run smoothly. 

  • Install it

After the installer is downloaded, run it. Follow the on-screen instructions and let the software install. 

  • Enjoy the software

Open the software after its installation and enjoy the tabbed like user interface that makes navigation a simple task

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