ExeInfo PE is free software that helps its user in the verification of the .exe files and checking out all its properties before running the file. The user can change the file name as desired, also modify it, run the file, or delete it.

This application also provides the size of the exe file; users have dozens of different options to explore for editing of any Windows executable file. This software includes a tool menu in which the users can explore new features and work with the Overlay Menu and the Entry Point.

FULL NAME:ExeInfo PE for Windows
Download for Windows

What is ExeInfo PE?

This software uses a very medium amount of your processor and space. The user interface of this software is quite simple as there is a standard window in which the users can easily insert an exe and dll file by searching for these specific files or using the drag and drop method.

There is also a section viewer in which users can virtual offset, size, RAW data offset, and size, and section status. Here you can perform fast scans and ignore EXE error and shell integration is possible with this software.

ExeInfo PE
ExeInfo PE
Download for Windows

It easily runs on all the versions of the Windows Operating System.

Key features of ExeInfo PE


Can be used on any executable file so that users can view multiple and various information regarding the file thus giving a proper outlook of the file before its execution.


This software is quite portable since users don’t need to download it on different PC for its usage. Simple they can transfer it to any external hard disk drive or pen-drive and then can access it anytime without any problem.


This software is quite user-friendly and easy to use, unlike other software. This software has a simple interface with a small window. Users can easily use shortcuts to copy and paste the files in and out of the programs. 


This software makes the viewing details of a .exe file quite simple and easy. Users can see all the information regarding the .exe file including section status, header information, size and name, and various other information. 


Changes in any file can be made using this software. Users can interact with the file by clicking on the file and then there are different properties such as the renaming of a file, its deletion, and scanning the file for any viruses. 


There is this option on the bottom-right corner from where users can interact with the file using the Overlay Option, Entry Point, Facebook-Anti Scrambler, and more. This simply shows how much power a simple tool can have.

Other Features

  • The binary file of more than 200 types can be easily detected
  • There is an internal ripper provided by the software for .zip, graphic and .exe files
  • Non-executable files can be easily detected with the help of this software
  • There is even an MD5/SHA1 file calculator
  • Script Engine is also provided and included in the software
  • File Updaters and PUA Downloader’s Behaviors’ on the Internet can be detected by this software

How to Download and Install ExeInfo PE on PC

Download for Windows
  1. One can download the ExeInfo PE from the different sites available since there is no official site. 
  2. After the download click on the installer to begin the installation 
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the installation, select the drive where you want your software to be installed. 
  4. As the installation is complete, click on Finish to exit the installer. 

Double click on the .exe file either on the desktop or from the drive where you installed the software and your software will run.  

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