If you are a devoted gamer, you will know the importance of graphic cards. Graphic cards can effectively make or break your gameplay experience. The low-quality ones will turn your game into a snooze fest but the really high-quality ones will make you obsess over your game. NVIDIA graphic cards belong to the latter category. Featuring cutting edge graphic enhancements and AI overlays, NVIDIA practically breathes life into games. And since it is an encapsulation of several heavy processes, it can heat the motherboard quickly. This slows down system performance.


In order to rectify this, the EVGA Precision XOC was introduced. This software is used to maximise NVIDA graphic card performance while systematically cooling the motherboard. It makes for a winning combination. You get to play high-level graphic games without disturbing the working of the console or overheating it. Therefore, Precision XOC is a mandatory accessory for true gaming fans.

Key Features Of Precision XOC

Easy-To-Use Tweaker
The Precision XOC can be used on NVDIA graphic as well as non-graphic cards. You can tweak the card settings to maximise graphics processing. Starting from simple options like controlling the RGB hues to expansive options like adjusting overclock and K-Boost speed, Precision XOC does it all. It also tweaks the graphical frequency points without human intervention. This enables a smooth transitional flow of graphics as well as gameplay.

EVGA - Software - Precision XOC

Maximises Cooling
Games with extensive graphics can sometimes clog the processor, causing it to heat significantly. Although this leaves a minimal effect on gameplay itself, it doesn’t spare the processor. You need to lighten the burden on the GPU. And Precision XOC is made just for that. It lets you manipulate the temperature threshold to ensure the processor runs without slowing down. 

Additional Support
The graphics enhancer can be installed  or Microsoft DirectX 12 processor as well. Although this is the only non NVDIA processor it provides support to, it still does its job well. The one prerequisite needed is the EVGA graphic card. Once that is inserted, Precision XOC’s pretty GPU and memory clocks will be displayed on the screen. And of course, the graphics of the game being played is significantly enhanced.

How To Download On System

Download the Precision XOC for your graphics card today and enjoy the feel of real gameplay. 

Download on PC

  1. Softonic is known for providing virus-free links to software download. This is why we recommend you to visit the link https://evga-precision-xoc.en.softonic.com/ in order to download this software.
  2. When you click the ‘Download for Windows’ button, you will be directed to an external website called STEAM wherein you will find another download button.
  3. Click that button and let the zip file download on your system. 
  4. Extract the contents of this folder. Run the .exe file that is stored in it.
  5. Follow the installation instructions in the setup window until your software is finally installed on your PC.

Download on Mac

  1. Visit the same link mentioned above to download the software on your Mac.
  2. When the zip file downloads, extract its contents. Run the file that has an .exe extension in it.
  3. Follow the instructions in the setup window until your software finally installs on Mac.

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