2D games have a complicated storytelling narrative and games such as Super Mario and others have had their fair share of success in the way it performed. Nevertheless, erotic games have increased rapidly in popularity, where people are continually trying to find the next best thing there is. 

FULL NAME:Eroico for Windows

But to our knowledge, combing the 2D world with an erotic theme coupled with an adventure mode and we have Eroico. A different game that is a bittersweet take on 2D games for real. 

What is Eroico?

Eroico is a pixelated 2D game that offers players a unique gameplay experience. The game itself revolves around a nameless character that goes about killing enemies. Yea, it sure did sound simple at first. But when you mix erotic things into it, things take a turn for good. 

The game is packed with erotic stuff. When you start the game, you can kill enemies with your sword or other attacks and gain victory. The enemies themselves are female characters with a sex appeal. If you fail to defeat them, then prepare yourself as these same enemies would start to rape you. 

Furthermore, there are erotic scenes that are displayed where you fail to defeat the boss level. The game is quite confusing at first and remains the same way you are into the story. But overall, for those looking for erotic games, then Eroico wouldn’t disappoint. But anyway the player looks at the game, it’s quite weird and challenging to understand. In the end, the only question that pops up is, “why?.”

Though it’s pretty hard to recommend due to various questions, it feels as though it was made for the sole purpose of taking erotic content and bundling it with an adventure theme.  


Key Features of Eroico

  • Unique Audio

The audio isn’t much, but the developers have tried to portrait some action sounds. Some weird sounds are heard when your character gets hit. That pretty much sums up the audio experience. 

  • Interesting Gameplay

The game isn’t off-putting from the game. It comprises of simple controls that are used to move the characters and attack enemies. 

However, there are “Manas” that can be used for upgrading purposes. Even then, there is no real purpose as to why you are doing this other than killing enemies. Also, there aren’t any explicit sex scenes whatsoever.  

  • Graphics and Visuals

The 2D pixel format sure looks fluid and dynamic. The illustrations themselves are well done and happens to be the best part of the game. Other than this, everything else isn’t that great but put in to compliment the overall game. The player could think that there is a sex position being portraid, but it isn’t. 

Minimum System Requirements

Though the game my/may not have any motive for its presence, it does require some specifications of the system to run it. 

All of which are given below: 

  • Operating system – Windows XP. 
  • Free space – 150 MB or higher. 
  • Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo U7600. 
  • RAM – 1GB. 

How to Download and Install it on PC

  • Download the Installation Package

Several sites have the game online. Download the installation file for the game. It would be a direct download or in a ZIP file. 

  • Install it

Once downloaded, open it or extract it (is a ZIP file). Follow the on-screen set of instructions required for a successful installation procedure. Let the installation finish. 

  • Launch the Game

Upon successful installation, you can launch the game either from the desktop or from the directory where the game has been installed. 

Do note that the game would prompt you to launch it once from the installer after installation. 

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