In a world where we are all super busy with work, more work, and most work, we generally look forward to sparing some time and put our mind into something which If fun, exciting and, at the same time acts as a stress buster.

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We should be more than satisfied to be born in an era where technology is simple, and we can get anything with a mere click of a button. In terms of video games also, we have a wide variety.

In Details about the game

Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void, can be considered as either the best or worst sequel which you have been looking forward to. The sequel takes the Noid on One-era, which is inspired by 3D PlayStation platforms. This is where the adventure begins when he ventures back into the void.

In Yo! Noid 2, the player gets to enter the void, which is controllable by the player. The player generally ventures into the void after losing the Yo-Yo. After this, a very thrilling and exciting surprise awaits the player.

Basically, players hate this surprise as it is exceptionally not something they look forward to. The platform of the third person is frustrating which pursues a player actually to go on to play like

One plays in the 3D style Mario 64 platform, which is mixed with the style of Tomb Raider solving of the puzzle.

The game contains a considerable amount of jank, mainly which is linked to the movement of the camera, while one is singing on the Yo-Yo. But overall, when compared, the Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void is considered to be a far premium and better game than The Noid.

Yo! Noid: The Weird Fast Food Tie-In Game With A Tragic Story | Cultured  Vultures
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The latter is basically a below-average game. However, players still play that game because the game still offers some limited kinds of offers & surprises in the solid platform puzzle.

This forms to be ultra adventurous with many surprises in the fold. The game also comes up with some very challenging levels which require a tremendous amount of hard work by the players.

But the fact still remains the same, that this game does become very annoying and frustrating at a point.

The only thing which the players need to understand is this is a game that is based on 80’s Domino’s Pizza ad campaign, which has to be a little extra slow and traditional. One thing we advise our players is not to avoid the Noid adventure.

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