AI and machine learning have improved a lot in recent days and ages. Their applications in face detection, a compilation of data, biometrics, and more have revolutionized the way we use our electronic gadgets in more than one aspect.

The same has been performed on computers via Windows Hello or Face ID on the latest generation of iPhone. However, the camera of a computer might be substandard quality, what if the same was put to use in another manner. 

FULL NAME:Enable Viacam for Windows
Download for Windows

What is Enable Viacam?

Enable Viacom is a unique way of controlling the cursor of your computer through your head movements. All you need is a camera of good quality, and you are all set. You don’t need any additional hardware, you just need to control the system with the movement of your head.  

A perfect solution for disabled people that wish to control computers without using a mouse. While being an open-source program, the software comes in 32-bit and 64-bit variants. Though it might seem strange, it doesn’t take much time to learn this software. Also, the configuration process is simple and straightforward. 

Through the app settings, multiple configurations can be arranged. These configurations include motion speed, face detection, cursor smoothness, dwelling time, and much more. You can use the hotkeys as well to configure the settings. And you can save multiple user profiles into the software for different movements. 

Enable Viacam
Enable Viacam
Download for Windows

Don’t worry about clicking; there are multiple ways the software offers for this function. The integrated configuration wizard helps any user to get started with the software at ease.  

The software is available for the Windows platform and Linux. The Linux based software was created on Ubuntu 18.10+ and Debian 10+. 

Key Features of Enable Viacam


Through initial head movements, control the cursor of your computer. Its as simple as it gets. 

Simple to Use

The software is simple and straightforward. The configuration wizard does help out extensively to set up the software and works like charm after that. 

Autonomy at its Best

The software is programmed in such a way that using it doesn’t require any assistance. Once setup, it’s smooth sailing user friendly from there on. 

Plethora of customization features. 

Dwelling time, pointer speed, motion acceleration and smoothness are few of the many things that are customizable in the software based on the user’s needs. 


There are no additional cables, hardware required. Other than a good quality web cab, the software is good to go. 

How to Download and Install Enable Viacam on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Software

The software can be downloaded from the software’s official website. Several third-party sites do host the installer. Based on the version, download the necessary installer. 

  • Let it Install

Open the installer and let the installation complete by following the given set of on-screen instructions. 

  • Start Configuring

Open the application and based on the head movements, configure the software and start using effortlessly without any assistance. 

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