With tons of movies in the market, keeping track of every single one of them becomes a tough ordeal. No doubt, many blew your mind away while others were a huge disappointment.

But to keep the best of your favorites in one place doesn’t necessarily have to be in a piece of paper. There is a dedicated software that allows anyone to group their preferences with a plethora of features. 

FULL NAME:EMDB for Windows
Download for Windows

What is EMDB?

EMDB (Eric’s Movie Database) is a software that lets any user add movies, TV shows onto the database. It includes the cover image, reviews and much more. The software lets users import data of the respective TV show/ movie right from IMDB, DVD Empire and many such reputable sites. 

The user can link the trailer, genuine reviews, cover image, ratings and much more of the movies. Personalization is a big plus of the software that the user would admire. Don’t worry about outdated movie reviews; the software automatically updates it based periodically. 

Download for Windows

The entire collection of movies and other shows can be exported in a CSV, HTML, or TXT file formats. Sorting of the database based on year of release, genre, ratings, and more is possible. The application is available for free on Windows but not on macOS. 

Key Features of EMDB

Simple User Interface

The user interface is easy to understand. All the things required to use the software is legible and not hidden under other tabs. Bright, bold and straightforward is what the overall application is about. The application supports well over 32 languages and can export files in various formats. 

Easy to Use

The software offers features where the existing data is updated automatically, (searching, filtering and sorting of data as per the users wish) and it is incredibly portable. It can run on any Windows operated computer. 

Managing your Collection Effortlessly

Import files directly onto the software and keeps track of the titles you might have watched. Also, the software offers excellent analytics and statistics of the media you might have viewed. 

How to Download and Install EMDB on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the software

The software is available on if official website free of cost. Though if you feel like donating to support the software, you can do so. Download the relevant version that you require.  

  • Run the installer

Open the installer and follow the instructions as displayed. Let the application finish installing and run the application. 

  • Enjoy your collection

After successful installation, you can access the software through a desktop shortcut and start building your movie library with reviews, ratings and much more. 

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