Musical games are quite interesting where you have to follow the music to land points and win the game. Though many have come and gone, not many have created a long-lasting impact on players interested in playing the game once again. But then elite beat agents beg to differ. 

FULL NAME:Elite Beat Agents

The game has the same storyline where players have to drag the pen on the screen to the music’s direction and score points on their Nintendo DS. Though the game was a classic hit when it was first launched, it declined in sales later. Nevertheless, the game was developed by iNiS and published by Nintendo hence the popularity. 

Which Emulator to be Used for the Game?

For the game, a Nintendo ds would be wonderful to play the game. But then finding a console that is already 14-15 years old can be a tough find. For the same reason, we have emulators that help provide the options for players to enjoy the game and dance to the beat of the rhythm in the game from the comfort of your computer. 

Elite Beat Agents ROM
Elite Beat Agents ROM

For different operating systems, different emulators would work like a Charm and are the best option for you at the moment. Check them out. 

  • Windows – DeSmuMe.
  • macOS – DeSmuMe. 
  • Linux – Melon DS. 

Three Related Games


Manipulating elements with the beat of the music is challenging but quite impressive at the same time. It gives you an adrenaline rush and ensures that you get that beat going and mind racing to guess the right elements to ensure that you win the game once and for all. There are some excellent music collections to choose from, and also there are beat maps where all these elements have to be predicted and manipulate them. 

Guitar Heroes Live 

As the name suggests, guitar hero live nothing but the player impersonating a guitar and playing it with the highest level of details and transparency. The game was developed by freestyle gaming and published by Activision. The game comprises newer modes, music, and features to get the entertainment quotient higher than the previous versions. 

Frets on Fire

The game creams music as it lets its players create music all by playing the game. Hit few buttons here, and there is a rhythmic fashion to create music that resonates in a melodic tune. The control can be undertaken through a keyboard or a game controller, but it’s quite intuitive, given that it lets you play music of your favorite sorted music from within the game. 

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