If you are thinking of any brain training games with fun, then the ‘Elevate brain training game’ is an excellent choice to go for. The ‘Elevate brain training game’ was developed in June 2014.  This application is designed to sharpen their thinking skills by completing many challenges and tasks in a fun manner. This game will indeed develop and improve the thinking ability and patterns of the players. The players get a detailed tracking report about their performance and how they have gradually increased or tackled the challenges. This game has been addictive for the players because once you start to complete the obstacles, the game’s fun and interest will increase. It is available and can be downloaded on both the devices, i.e., IOS and Android.

While downloading it, you will need the help of certain emulators, which facilitates easy downloads. BlueStacks and NOX Player are one of the best emulators in the list on which you can rely to download the above game on your device. People have garnered positive reviews about this game and have even shared their experience about how the enhancement took place gradually in their personality.

FULL NAME:Elevate Brain Training Games
Download for Windows

Key features of the Elevate brain training game

Wide range of challenges – There are about 35+ challenges that test the thinking ability of the player. It also enhances some skills like processing part, comprehension knowledge, the brain’s concentration, small math questions, etc. When clubbed together, all these skills will enhance the overall personality of the person playing the game.

Workout calendar – This feature will manage and keep the record of your performance throughout the game. This will let you know whether the match brings any positive effect on your personality or not and how far you have enhanced your skills.

Adaptive difficulty – This feature available here will let the player know about their progression in the challenges and will let you know how adaptive you are becoming while playing this game.

Download for Windows

Steps to download and install it on PC/MAC by using BlueStacks

Step 1 – Search the application named “BlueStacks” and download it on your device.

Step 2 – Install it and complete the procedure by signing it through Google.

Step 3 – If you already have this above application on your device, ignore the above steps, and directly look for the Play Store.

Step 4 – Access the Play Store and now search Elevate brain training game on the search bar present on the screen.

Step 5 – Install the app by clicking on the install button.

Step 6– After installation is done, launch the app and follow the next steps.

Step 7 – Now complete the remaining procedure by signing in from Google.

Step 8 – Go to the home screen and click on the Elevate brain training game icon, and you are now ready to face the challenges in it.

Steps to download and install it on PC/MAC by using NOX Player:-

Download for Windows

Step 1 – Search and download the NOX Player application on your device.

Step 2 – Install it and sign in through Google.

Step 3 – Now install the exact APK file on your device and download it in the NOX Player.

Step 4 – Now search the Elevate brain training game from the search box available on the screen.

Step 5 – Download and install the app by clicking on the button present there.

Step 6 – Complete the remaining process through Google sign in 

Step 7 – Click on the game icon from the home screen and start to challenge your brain to think out of the box.

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