Technology has revolutionized the way that every sector performs in the 21st century. It has made life more comfortable, especially in the education industry. Things have become quite streamlined and straightforward, all thanks to technology. Thus, with mobile applications, checking your records and other educational documents is easier than ever before. 


What is Edu man?

Derivative from its name, the application is a wholesome take on providing students, staff and parents with the entire education backgrounds of the particular student. Everything can be found on the application. It’s easier for teachers to track the academic profile of the student. Even the diverse factors that could be set up with every institution is allowed.

The app is only available on the android play store. Also, it can be used on a computer via an emulator. 

Key features of the application. 

Simple and easy to use

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The application isn’t complex to use as all the instructions. Moreover, the outlay of the entire user interface is straightforward with no complicated steps involved. 

Clean user interface.

The entire user interface is designed to ensure that parents, students and teachers have no difficulty in accessing the application. Additionally, it’s quite convenient and protected through a username and password to keep all records safe and secure. 

Multiple uses

The application can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, announcements of academic-oriented messages, the portrayal of marks card, keeping track of academics and much more. 

How to download and install it on PC using Blue stacks?

Download Blue stacks and install it. 

Get the latest version of blue stacks and download it. Also, keep in check with the OS version that you are downloading upon. Once downloaded, install the application. 

Get the application. 

Once installed, head to the play store. Enter the necessary credentials. Next, install the desired application. 


Once installed, enjoy the services of the app right from the application’s home screen. 

How to download and install it on PC using Nox?

Download and install the emulator. 

Though Nox is harder to find, you can find multiple versions of the software online through third-party sites. Download the necessary version and install it by following the set of on-screen instructions. 

Install the application. 

Head to the play tore within the application after entering all the necessary credentials for the login purpose. Let the application finish installing. 

Have fun. 

Once installed, then launch the application form the emulator. Have fun using it. 

How to download and install it on Mac?

Download the DMG file of the emulator required and install it. 

First, download the dmg file of blue stacks and install it. Though the procedure might vary a bit, it’s all self-explanatory. Let the installation finish and open blue stacks. 

Install the application. 

Once opened, enter the relevant login credentials. Then, head to the play store. Finally, download the suitable application.  


After successful installation, open the application. Use it upon your preference form the emulator itself. 

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