Nostalgia is one word that would describe the feeling of playing a pixelated game. Though there are modern twists to the pixel format such as Minecraft, there are classics such as Mario, Contra, and others that took the 90’s gaming scenario by storm. But diving a bit deeper into the computer platform, and we realize that the spectrum of pixelated games is far and wide.

From action-packed games to racing/strategy games, the choices are plenty. From one of these impressive collections of games for the PC realm, we have one classic game for you. 

FULL NAME:Enchidna Wars DX for Windows

What is Echidna Wars DX?

Echidna Wars DX is a pixelated side-scrolling action-packed game made especially for the Windows platform. The game comprises of sexy lead characters with erotic voices and animations. The primary goal is to defeat enemies with different fighting actions. There are four main characters to choose from, and each one of them has special powerups. Use these powerups to defeat enemies and the boss level as well. 

The game is quite balanced between action, sound, and the characters. It displays some exotic content corresponding to each of the characters. The controls are intuitive with combo punches, kicks, unique powerups, and more with high-intensity fighting sequences. Furthermore, the game is available free to download on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. 

Key features of the Game

Specialized Tools

As mentioned earlier, there are four primary characters, and each of their mechanics is different from one another. Use these mechanics to triumph victory over enemies by scrolling right and get to different levels, increasing the difficulty.

Though the game is quite pixelated in comparison to today’s graphic-intensive games, the game offers a quick combo of attacks for each character to eliminate enemies. The enemies are quite different but re-iterated with different skins. Once the player can figure out the pattern, the game “sort of” gets more comfortable. 

Enchidna Wars DX
Enchidna Wars DX

Great Ambiance and Audio

The game is not only known for its erotic content, but any action or combo attack styles launched in the game provide a much better outcome through the game’s audio. But another interesting thing that keeps the game going is the visuals effects clubbing, audio, video, visuals, erotic content, and more keeps the game running.

Though the game might be easy, the perseverance of seeing any of these erotic visuals would require the player to lose to see the content. Enticing!!!

Immersive Gameplay

If you are someone that played a lot of games in the’90ss, then this game will impress. The game has a single tone, but the actions and gameplay do make it interesting. The player has to move the character towards the right and defeat all the enemies possible.

Even the clothing content differs based on the winning /losing strategy in the game. The game is quite balanced but focused more on the action side than the sexual defeat. 

Minimum System Requirements

Though the game is quite old, it’s supported by almost all versions of Windows. Any new laptop/desktop would support the game. But the bare minimum that the game would require to run it would be the following specification. 

  • Operating system – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. 
  • RAM – 1GB or more. 
  • Storage – 128GB or more. 
  • Graphics – integrated graphics /dedicated graphics card 

NOTE – any other missing files or software shall be prompted at the time of installation of the game. 

How to download and install it on PC

  • Download the game

Echidna Wars DX can be found online for free. Though the game might cost $14.52 for the full version, demo variants are present that could give you the feel of the game. Download the installation package. 

  • Install it

Once the installation package has been downloaded, open the installer and do as directed from the given set of on-screen instructions. Ensure that you take a closer look at the installation instructions for installing the game. Follow every step and read the T&C carefully. After leaving it to install,  it could take more/less time to install the game. 

  • Enjoy

Upon successful installation, a shortcut would be created on the desktop. The user can either open it from the installer or from the shortcut in the desktop for future use. 

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