Imagine what would happen if you woke up the next day and had superpowers and had loads of money as well, just like that. Wouldn’t you be happy and thrilled to do whatever you want to tin the world? A similar approach has been utilized in the game, which offers the journey of a lonely earthworm named Jim. 

FULL NAME:Earthworm Jim

The story started with Jim, who happens to crawl inside the spacesuit of Psy-crow and gains powers with a blaster by the side. Thus making him a Superhero, you first start in the city of new Junk City, where fighting off enemies and destroying several other bosses and other demons. 

The game is quite nice, with several nie animations and a 16-bit gameplay feature. Though it might be quite outdated, it does get the job done exceptionally. The game can be played on a computer system through the help of an emulator. 

Earthworm Jim ROM
Earthworm Jim ROM

Which Emulator to be Used for the Game?

Emulators are great software that just elevates the way we played games on dedicated gaming platforms. Through emulators, players can enjoy a series of games on their computers and enhance the overall gaming experience to many folds. But if you wish to enjoy the game on your gaming rig? Then these emulators would come in handy for separate operating systems. 

  • Windows – SNES9x. 
  • macOS – ZSNES. 
  • Linux – OpenEmu. 

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Spydro: The Dragon 

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