Action games have a lot going on for them. Not because of the popularity, but what they bring to the table. A lot of combat-oriented things which does make it look appealing to the general public. 

Taking this into consideration and Dying light is one such game that offers a role-playing yet action-packed gaming experience. The game revolves around the playable characters that are sent to infiltrate a Quarantine center during a zombie apocalypse where all hell breaks loose. You have to escape and fend off zombies and complete your task on the side as well. 

The game was developed by techland and published by Warner Bros in the years 2015. The game is available on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, play station 4, Xbox One, macOS X, and Linux. 

What are Mods?

Mods/ modifications are for players to interact with the game and alter things that they feel need to be changed. Well, you cannot alter everything but depend on the respective mods and its implementation. You can change characters, clothing, graphical implementations and more through mods and provide a whole new experience for playing the game. 

List of Mods for Dying Light

  • Skyfall

Wanting for the best mod yet? Then try this one out where it’s a whole game on its own. You get to quest on a demonic trail of a person dealing with such entities. Free him, and you are awarded something genuinely remarkable and explicit. 

Skyfall Mod
Skyfall Mod
  • Mirror’s Edge Prologue

When the game was launched, it was compared to other titles for taking in bits and pieces from here and there. But if you wish to jump from building to building, it’s possible all through the mod and gets the best of zombie-killing experience that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. 

  • Repetition

Do you wish to increase the spooky levels of the game? Then this mod will not disappoint. It creates a mirror with endless hallways filled with that scariness and spookiness of the game with some disturbing visuals and whatnot. Try it out if you aren’t one of the faint-hearted. 

  • Ultimate Ninja and Booster Mod

Well, the mod doesn’t make you superman, but it sure will increase all your statistics and attributes to some mind-boggling level. Its where you can eliminate zombies on the go without even putting in any effort whatsoever. Something truly that every gamer should try in the game. 

Ultimate Ninja and Booster Mod
Ultimate Ninja and Booster Mod
  • Radikal Harran Survival Mod

When the trailer for the game first came out, it was undoubtedly scary and did represent the true horror of a zombie apocalypse. But then when the game was released, it didn’t meet up to the satisfaction that it portrayed. But if you are looking to revamp the difficult level, then use this mod and see how well you fare against these zombies. It’s quite the mod for those challenging players out there. 

Radikal Harran Mode
Radikal Harran Mode

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