Gaming and computers have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. But ever since the advent of gaming consoles, there has been a cold war between which platform happens to be the best. Especially since the Play Station came out with its comfortable controllers.

Though computer gaming has high-end graphics with smooth frame rates, consoles, on the other hand, have controllers that make playing games simpler. 

FULL NAME:DS3 Tool for Windows
Download for Windows

Combining the best of both worlds has never been a more relaxed affair. While it was impossible to connect controllers to computers, DS3 tool is here to help fix this problem once and for all. Especially if you are looking to connect play Station 1,2,3 and Xbox 360 controllers to your PC 

What is the DS3 Tool?

It’s quite strange that Sony didn’t come up with a software patch that enables their Play Station controllers to be used with computers. But worry not, there is the DS3 tool which is a great alternative. It’s a simple tool that helps in connecting different console gaming controllers to a computer system either via Bluetooth or USB. 

Using the application is quite straightforward. The user interface is compact and slightly outdated, and there are annoying little banners here and there. But till it gets the job done, who cares?

Furthermore, navigating and using the application is quite simple. 

DS3 Tool
DS3 Tool
Download for Windows

Start the DS3 tool and navigate through the application and choose the controller to connect. Connect the controller to the computer either through USB or Bluetooth. Once connected, hit the connect button and check the connection. After successfully establishing a connection, you can access any game that can be played with a Microsoft Xbox controller or a PlayStation Controller. 

Unfortunately, the application isn’t available on macOS but is available on Windows operating software and is compatible with Windows 98 to Windows 10. 

Key Features of the DS3 Tool

Easy to Set Up

Setting up the application and using it is simple. Open, connect, and start playing. There is vibration and LED features that one can help you determine whether the controllers are correctly connected or not.  

Free of Cost

While everything seems to be impeccable since gaming on a computer through a controller seems the perfect combination, the UI is a little outdated. Though it might seem to be accurate, annoying banners of ads keep floating here and there. However, as this software is free to download, there is not much to complain about.

Controllers on a PC

Once set up, you can simply forget about the application. The tool never goes online but uses Bluetooth or dedicated connections to establish the pairing process. And it’s responsive while playing and gets the job done perfectly. 

Amazing Features

Though it might be smaller in size and allows integration of controller son a PC, it opens a whole new realm of active gaming that gamers would truly enjoy. 

How to Download and Install DS3 Tool on PC

Download for Windows

Download the Installation File 

The file isn’t hosted on one single site, but several third-party sites help in downloading the tool. It’s quite small, so you don’t have to worry about the storage space required for this software. 

Install the Application

Installation is quite typical and straightforward. It would hardly take 1-2 minutes to set it up. Agree to the terms and conditions and choose the desired installation location and you are all set to go. 

Connect your Controller

Once installed, open the application, and choose the type of controller you wish to connect. Connect the controller and establish the connection. It’s that simple. 

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