Often, higher-end laptops and PC’s use SSD’s for faster speed and transfer rates. Also, they are reliable and safer to use. Though they have a lot of advantages, no one can neglect the cost factor luring with them.

Its where hard drives come to the bigger picture. Though they are cheaper in prices, they offer excellent storage options but with a huge flaw. They are prone to damages, and the opportunity to recover data is negligible. Or is it??

FULL NAME:DRevitalize for Windows
Download for Windows

What is DRevitalize?

DRevitalize is software that utilizes high and low signals around the physically damaged hard disk or floppy to repair the slightly damaged areas. These physical defects could be severe or light. The software would try its best to make the hard drive work. 

The application scans the entire disk to figure out the fault on the hard drive. Also, it doesn’t delete any valuable data on the disc, but only the defected part of it. There are regular tests that are carried out through the application where every sixty seconds, the information is updated about the drive under repair. 

Download for Windows

But one should ensure that the software is compatible with the intel chipset and windows operating system on your system. Unfortunately, there is no Mac support available. 

Key Features of DRevitalize

Effective healer

The software provides a unique alternative in buying a brand-new hard drive. It helps in healing the faulty defects on the hard disk. Its free and can be used several times as well. 

Simple User Interface

The entire user interface runs on a DOS version. All the repairs made to the hard drive is showcased below the user interface and through the on-screen instructions, getting the necessary changes on the hard drive is possible.  

How to download and install DRevitalize on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Installer

The installer is available online and is only available for windows. Ensure that the correct version of the application is downloaded. Download it.  

  • Setup the Application

Run the installer after it finishes downloading. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and wait until the entire software is installed and start to run by itself. 

  • Start Repairing

Open the application from the shortcut on the desktop and choose the drive and start repairing it effectively. The application also works for floppy disks as well. 

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