Are you fascinated by the sexual interface based games? To pump your hormones notch level and astonishingly fulfil your sexual desires, the Dreams of Desire game is a perfect spot. The game unravels the fetish and sexual behaviour of mankind, incorporated with decisions and quests. Strictly designed for 18+ age group, this game will take you to a sexual journey where you can quench your thirst of sex.

FULL NAME:Dreams of Desire

The story revolves around the desires of a young boy, who has a month to seek extreme sexual pleasure before he joins the military school with all the restrictions being imposed. The playable character, a young man, just finished his high school and wants to explore various forms of sexual intercourse in this summer. Help him satisfy his penis as you watch out for yours while playing this intriguing game.  

Apart from great animated graphics and beautiful girls to keep the player engaged, the game also has an outline for decision making. In case, you could not comply with the correct decision, you may end up getting caught with your pants down and other embarrassing situations. Dreams of Desire is a game of lust, seduction and adulthood. So, get your hats on as you walk through this sexual adventure.

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Key features of the game

  1. The game depicts an interesting adult visual novel with different types of quests and objectives that needs to be fulfilled.
  2. It has ten fetishes and different styles of sexual intercourse, which the young boy needs to experience.
  3. The objectives also include a mystery to be solved by the player. After completing this, the player gets wonderful sex with beautiful women.
  4. The player gets to explore all of his desires over different models and earn rewards by the extent of their satisfaction.
  5. The game is a combination of porn, lewd action and visual novel to provide a unique experience to the players.

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Sisterly Lust is a choice-based visual novel game available in English, French and Italian. The game revolves around the story of a young boy who was separated from his family during his childhood. His father took him away to the country while his mother resides with his three sisters. After the death of his father, the boy unites back with his family. The game is based on choice. Each choice has two consequences, either trust or corruption.

Halfway House

A similar visual novel plotted across sexual behaviour and desires. The story features a nineteen-year-old boy, who lived the last four years in juvenile custody. On the day of his release, he is shifted to a halfway house to discover adult life. No education regarding the outside world and sexual intercourse was given to him in custody. It is time to discover them all. But, the player is under six-month probation and hence, your decisions will affect his growth.

Bad Memories

The player has bad memories of his hometown. He left the place and settled in a city. But, the time wheel has shifted and he again has to visit and relive in his hometown. The game is based on corruption, power, lust and seduction. It teaches you how your memories can bend the environment and human beings around you. The game translates as you make choices that influence the story and overall plot.

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