The fantasy saga with the warriors, magic, monsters, and other typical role-playing video game elements continued in the fifth installment of the Dragon Quest game series, Dragon Quest 5. The game includes the concept of forming an alliance or party and defeating the monsters. The grand endeavor to witness the realm relived from monsters and demons requires great hunting and tactical skills.

FULL NAME:Dragon Quest 5
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The story begins with the hero walking with his father, Pankraz. Throughout this time, he travelled with his father to know about the various magical things across the world. When he became a man, he vowed to avenge his father’s death and solve the mystery his father was looking for. The game has many adventurous elements, such as you can take help from friendly monsters in the game. They can reward special spells or weapons to you.

There are several characters in the game, who will join you in your hunt. The players can chat together in the box to interact and plan strategies. The game has dynamic 360-degree view elements and pixelated graphics. The game has an easy-to-use and simple interface. There are many side quests and Treasure Hunt games that can earn special rewards to the player. Bruise the ooze with this slime- slashing mini-games.

What Emulator can you use to play this game?

The Dragon Quest 5 is also available for the Nintendo DS aka NDS console. So, to play this game on your favorite device, you need to download and install the Nintendo DS Emulator. The Emulator emulates the console’s hardware system requirements for your game in your machine and allows you to play the game conveniently. For windows, you can choose from No$GBA, NeonDS, IDeaS, DSemu, DuoS, etc. for your device. For Mac OS X, DeSmuME is the emulator available to use.

Dragon Quest 5
Dragon Quest 5
Download for Windows

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The company has designed Dragon Quest 5 with the utmost creativity and intriguing approach. If you liked playing Dragon Quest 5, then you should also check out other similar games listed below.

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The eighth game that Continued this epic adventure with the Dragon Quest game series. This is the first time when Dragon Quest series game is available in full 3D version. The dormant, dark magic of the Evil magician, has been aroused by the malign practitioner. The entire kingdom was under a curse because of an evil magician. The player, the soldier needs to defeat the crafty magician and restore peace in the kingdom.

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Dragon Quest IV divided the game into five distinct chapters. Each chapter focuses on a different protagonist, with a unique storyline. The first chapter focuses on the story of a soldier, Ragnar, who has to save five children being kidnapped by a monster. Dragon Quest IV Combined all the quintessential elements of a true role-playing video game to produce a masterpiece.

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