Does the world of Dragons, Demons, and Warriors fascinate you? Does the role-playing video games. Captivate your mind and bring out the adventure in you? Dragon Quest 3 is one such role-playing videogame developed for the Nintendo entertainment system aka NES console.

FULL NAME:Dragon Quest 3
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The game features the Japanese hero Erdrick, ‘the hero’, and revolves around his quest to destroy the demon and save the world. The castle of Alishan, filled with knights and magicians, witnesses the great day, summoning “the hero” to take down the cruel archfiend Baramos.

The protagonist, “the hero”, has the genetical powers driven from the greatest warrior Ortega, who died chasing the archfiend Baramos. This is the time when the hero will seek vengeance for his father’s demise and defeat the demon to restore peace in the kingdom of Aliahan.

During his journey, “the hero” needs to stop at different locations to play side-quests, help the people and kill the enemies. The game also reflects the modern states of japan, Iraq, Portugal, etc. in the game because the game exhibits a map similar to the world now. However, the game highlights the architecture during the medieval era. You can start with a single male or female character but later on, the game allows you to recruit your supporters.

What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Dragon Quest 3 is released for Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. To play this game in your favourite device, you need to download and install an NES emulator on your device. For windows, you can select from 80five, Fceux2.2.2, FWNES, Jnes1.1.1, etc. For android users, NES Emulator 1.0.1, Nostalgia.NES 1.15.8, etc. For Mac, RockNES 4.0.1, Nestopia 1.4.1, etc. are available options.

Dragon Quest 3
Dragon Quest 3
Download for Windows

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Role-playing video games creates an appealing atmosphere around the players. If you liked playing Dragon Quest 3, then you should also check out other similar games listed below.

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Battle Chasers: Night War is a war-based action role-playing video game. The game revolves around the quest of a little child, Gully, to discover his father Aramus, a great hero, who vanishes beneath the ground while he was fighting with enemies. The game features dungeons, underground tanks, monsters, combats and all other classic elements of a role-playing video game.

Crystal Story II

Discover the fictional land filled with Dragons, Demons, and magicians, in this adventurous combat-based role-playing video game, Crystal Story 2. The story follows with the quest of a young dragon to defeat the cruel witch and save the world from devastating. The game has several side-quests battle arenas, mini-games, and many more. There are multiple characters with the Dragon to support and assist him throughout the game.

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Fernz Gate

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