Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World is an adventurous fighting game, developed especially for the PlayStation 2 console. The game revolves around the famous manga and anime series, Dragon Ball. The game has several modes and levels which makes it very interesting for the player. In the single-player mode, the player fights against the special AI bot to claim the reward. The game also has a dual-mode where two-players can compete for the reward.

FULL NAME:Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World
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The Dragon Mission game mode comprises of several internal modes and chapters. The game has received critical acclamations because of its classic combat techniques, unique modes and crystal-clear graphics. The basic controls of the games are similar to Budokai games but with more advanced technology. The game roster contains total of 42 playable characters, each having their own unique move and strength.

The Dragon Mission presents a map with the Goku Avatar, that the player can access to explore different locations and complete the quests. These objectives or quests include timed-battle, free-style combat, endurance test, find an item, race to reach a destination, and others. The game also has several new modes such as ‘Fighters road’ becomes available to the player only after completing certain levels. The game has skill capsules that can be used to customise the characters.

What emulator can you use to play this game?

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World is released for the PlayStation 2 aka PS2 console. The players need to download and install an emulator that supports PS2 ROM on your device to continue playing this game. For windows, you have NeutrinoSX2, PCSX2, PS2emu, HTTP, etc. as available choices. After installation, you can enjoy playing these exciting games without any inconvenience.

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World
Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World
Download for Windows

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