Are you amazed by the games that imitate the anime combat scenes and styles? Well, one such wonderful game is Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2. It is a video game based on fighting developed by Dimps for the PlayStation Portable console. The game features cel-shaded graphics and a plethora of modes, similar to the Japanese Manga and Anime series. There are plenty of playable characters and combat techniques which you will find in the game. 

FULL NAME:Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2
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The game imitates the anime experience similar to the TV. The characters are customisable and skills can be edited. The basic style of the game encompasses a health bar and a ki bar that reflects your progress. The game ends automatically whenever the health bar touches zero. Ki bar reflects the power to perform special moves and ki-blasts. There are directional controls and punch-kick buttons. The special move using the ki-meter is the ultimate attack, which is unique to each character. For instance, Goku, a character can fire spirit bombs as the ultimate weapon.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 uses a game board interface to reflect different game saga. As the game proceeds in alignment with the original anime, the characters can transform themselves amidst the battle. The game also comprises of a seven-slot skill tray. The player needs to select the seven skills and give them to the fighters. The story mode revolves around the Dragon World adventure, where the player needs to defeat the enemies in nine different levels and collect useful items.

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball
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What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 is released for the PlayStation Portable console. In order to play this game on your favorite device, you need to download and install a PSP Emulator. The Emulator emulates the console’s hardware system requirements for your game in your device thus allowing you to play your game without any inconvenience. If you are a windows user, you can choose between Http, Jpcsp, Potemkin, PPSSPP, etc. for your device.

Three Related Games

The games based on anime series create a nostalgic atmosphere around us. If you like playing Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2, then do check out other similar games listed below.

Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout

An ultimate fighting game that will take you to a new fighting and adventurous journey. The best ten characters from the dragon ball anime series are ready for a head-on fight with each other. The rules are confined to the no-holds-barred style of battle. The game comprises of special finishing moves to combat techniques etc. Get ready to explore different modes, training and hidden characters in your gameplay.

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai was the first instalment of the popular Dragon Ball Z games on PlayStation portable. The game offers 18 playable characters and a variety of modes. You can select your character and take part in the highly energetic fighting battle. Each character has its own special attack as shown in the anime TV series, which can be used in the game. You can also use transformation, counterattacks and other techniques to win the battle.

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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi has an ultimate battle scenario based on the Manga series. The game features destructive battlegrounds, graphics drawn similar to the Manga series, explosive ki-blasts, space shredded with structures and fusions, and much more. It also has a high-paced mode for hardcore fighting lovers. Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi depicts an advanced technical backbone with pixelated graphics.

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