Mythical games have some wild stories and some interesting ones as well. But then not all of them are up to the mark, but few set the boundaries for being unimaginably good. We have one such title for you today. 

Dragon age inquisition is one such game that revolves around your playable characters whose role is to close the portal of demons into the world, and he happens to be chosen one to do so. Thus, the story begins from here were fighting off monsters and closing the portal are the primary goal. 

The game was developed by bio ware and published by electronic arts in 2014. The platforms which support the game are Microsoft windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, play station three and play station 4. 

What are Mods?

Mods are enhancement tools that are used by players to get the best of the gameplay experience. It helps in transforming the game either through graphical implementations or improving the performance entirely. Mods are developed by the fans and allow you to be immersive with the game in being unique and different. 

List of Mods for Dragon Age Inquisition

No More Fog of War 

No More Fog of War Mod
No More Fog of War Mod

In many games, the maps are blurred out such that unless and until you reach that destination, the fog wouldn’t go away from there. But if you are someone that wants the entire map to yourself without any instructions? Then try out this mod. 

DAI Community Patch 

DAI Community Patch Mod
DAI Community Patch Mod

Every game that is released, there are final bug fixes that are fixed before its release. Its where many of the errors are ironed out to give a streamlined gaming experience. But in the game, there are few bugs here and there, and this mod addresses all of them. To have a sustainable gaming experience, use this mod to avail the best of gaming experience. 

Multiple Romance

The game was designed to allow characters to enter into a relationship with another NPC’s but then didn’t allow them to enter another one without ending the first. This allowed for a loss of more awesome content for players. Its where the mod comes into the bigger picture which helps the players to enter multiple relationships without flagging any suspicions. 

More Banter 

The best part about the game is the banter that happens between your party members. Though it might not be prominent, getting more of this banter is never a downfall. Thus, through this mod, players can increase the amount of banter between their party members to make it more appealing and exciting at the same time. 

Trespasser Sky holds PJ Replacer and Schematics

Trespasser Sky holds PJ Replacer and Schematics Mod
Trespasser Sky holds PJ Replacer and Schematics Mod

The mod helps users to change the outfit of your characters while he enters the sky hold. For obvious reasons, there were romance scenes involves, and the game didn’t allow the players to wear what they wanted to. But with this mod, wearing what you wish is possible. 

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