Do you miss playing the games you played on your Nintendo console? Do you remember the thrill of playing all those new games that you got? They almost disappeared with time due to the progressing technology but we still miss them, don’t we? We all love our android devices but with the progressing times all of us want ease of access and want to be at a comfort when it comes to usability.

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We also want interchangeability of devices, that is that we do not the features of one device to be limited to the use of that device only. For instance, android devices are great but there are too many apps that are on the play store but are not available for your PC and you wish you could use them on your PC as well.

And this was a dream in the past because of the limitations we had but that vision has been a reality for quite some time now.

In this article, we shall tell you about Dolphin Emulator as an emulator as well as help you download the same on your PC so that you can play those Nintendo games once again. Trust us, it is very simple and you will absolutely fall in love with the possibilities of the things that your PC can do.

Features of Dolphin Emulator

Smooth Emulator

Dolphin Player is one of the best android emulators in the world that enables you to play
Nintendo Gamecube and Wii games. It is exactly what you would expect from an android
device. The layout of the emulator is pretty simple and neat.

Download for Windows

Easy to Install and Download

While it may seem hard to download and install this emulator on your PC but it is super
simple in reality and you will realize that if you follow our instructions at the end, it will be like eating a piece of cake.

Use all Nintendo apps

All the apps for Nintendo run great on this emulator except some that are heavily protected and secure.

How to Download Dolphin Emulator

Download for Windows
  1. Search for Dolphin Emulator on your search engine.
  2. Open the official website and download the file.
  3. Check if your PC meets the minimum system requirements to run this
  4. Post this, run the installer and follow the necessary installation steps.
  5. An icon with Dolphin Emulator will be downloaded on your computer.
  6. Once done, open Blue Stacks, log into Google Play Store using your Google credentials
    You just converted your PC into nostalgic Nintendo device!

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