Aliens have been a part of the gaming industry for a long span of time. Though depicted as villains, not all games have been fair to them. Most of them have portrayed them are treacherous and life-threatening as well. Few games in the market let users play aliens as the hero’s and ensure that they are the ones that save the day. In a similar fashion, the game we are going to discuss here follows the same trend. 

FULL NAME:Destroy All Humans 2

What is Destroy all Humans 2?

Destroy all humans 2 is the last and final title in the “Destroy all humans” series. The game was developed by pandemic studios and published by THQ. The game revolves around cryptosporidium – 137 is dead for no apparent reason. His clone, crypto – 138, is portraying as the president of the united states of America. The KGB have gotten information that he is the first and only furon to have genitalia. Seeing this, they nuke the mothership of the furons. 

Soon after your journey begins in going through different adventures to seek justice for the killing of your mother ship by the KGB, it’s quite an adventurous game that takes you through various boundaries in fighting, gameplay and action. 

Destroy all humans 2
Destroy all humans 2

Which Emulator to Use for the game?

The game was launched way back in 2006. The only two platforms on which it was launched was on play station two and Xbox. Over here, we are going to tell you the emulator to be used for playing the game on play station 2. 

Trying out different emulators to see which one of them offers the gameplay experience on a computer is a challenging task at hand. Especially when there are so many options out there. For the best way to enjoy play station two games on your computer, then PCSX2 Is the emulator to choose. 

The emulator is available for Windows, Linux and macOS respectively. The emulator offers texture filtering, anti-aliasing, high-resolution gameplay displays and more. Other emulators that you can try outplay!, PS2emu and NeutrinoSX2. 

Three Related Games

Borderlands 2

Greediness leads to various things that might leave everyone and everything in the dust. The same goes for the plot of the game. There is a valuable mineral known as “eridium” which is found on the planet of pandora. Through this, an iron fist is created to rule over the planet. But there is a rumor that there is another large deposit of the mineral and the hunt is on in finding that deposit and killing anyone that interrupts your finding pedigree. 

Cyberpunk 2077

A truly immersive RPG game that offers a wide array of customization features. It’s an open-world game that lets users dive deeper into an imaginative world that brings havoc and destruction—complete missions, side missions, and so much more. The graphics and quite intensive but offers smooth gameplay overall. 

Destroy all Humans! Big Willy Unleashed

The game is the first iteration of the franchise which takes place before the events of the path of furon and Destroy all Humans 2. It’s the same old story of humans not being able to suffice with aliens and aliens ravaging back at them with something different this time around. 

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