For those that have seen the game of thrones, conquering the seven kingdoms was the essential thing in the story. Though there were other things involved, the central ideology remained the same. But if you take that similar concept and turn it to a game, and then the plot thickens, and you do have an exciting title in your hands. One such game that we are going to discuss today has done the same. Let’s take a look. 

FULL NAME:Demons Crest

What is Demon’s Crest?

Demon’s Crest is a game that takes place in the demon world where there are six crests. These are earth, fire, water, air, time and heaven. Having all of these crests gives rise to the crest of infinity which provides you with unlimited power. In the demon world, everyone wants these crests, but Firebrand is the one with all the crests expect the crest of heaven. 

As he challenges the demon dragon for it, the battle wounds Firebrand immensely but securing the crest of heaven. Its where Phalanx comes out nowhere to steal all the crests and starts using it to become the ruler of the demon realm. Firebrand is imprisoned and tortured immensely. 

Demons Crest
Demons Crest

Its where the story starts, and you have to escape the prison and retake all the crests one by one. There are multiple endings based on the defeat and the progression of the storyline. The game is quite extensive and intriguing as well. The game was launched on the Super NES platform. 

Which Emulator to use?

The game was launched only on the Super NES platform, and those emulators would be able to run the game. There are plenty of emulators to choose from, but the ones that run on Windows, Linux, and macOS is a retro arch. 

The reason why we recommend it is because of its adaptability and clean user interface. It’s a sharp emulator that provides the best of gaming experience and helps players to have all the bits and pieces of immersive gameplay. 

Other emulators that we would recommend is Higan, SNES9x, BizHawk, ZNES, OpenEmu, Nestopia UE, BSNES, THE MEGA S.N.E.S.Rock Retro and more. 

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