Dead By Daylight is a survival horror game that is fine tuned to a 4 vs. 1 multiplayer environment. It is safe to say that this game has been a long time coming. It is a culmination of all the horror icons that have graced the big screen. You can play either as a survivor or as a killer. You and your friends need to gather your wits to survive a nightmarish game of hide and seek. The killer is on a rampage and he will stop at nothing to end you before the first streak of day light. This was originally a PC game but because of its immense success, it was launched on mobile devices as well. The jaw-dropping visuals and nail-biting tension make Dead By Daylight a clear winner of its genre.

FULL NAME:Dead By Daylight
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Key Features Of Dead By Daylight

Customising Your Look
You get to customise the look of your character, regardless of whether you are a survivor or a killer. There is an array of elements to equip yourself with. The one exciting feature about customisation is skins. These skins are inspired by iconic horror movie characters. For example if you choose killer, then you can transform yourself into the likes of Jigsaw or Freddy Kruegar. Similarly if you choose survivor, you can become Halloween’s Laurie or Stranger Things’ Nancy.  

Multiplayer Fun
Your friends can engage with you in this horrific game of hide and seek. Some of you can become the survivors while one becomes the killer. Will your team mates help you survive the night? Or will your killer of a friend hesitate before finishing you off? You will have to find out for yourself. Go ahead and test those bonds!

How To Download It On PC

Examining the Enduring Appeal of Multiplayer Slasher Game 'Dead By Daylight'  - Bloody Disgusting
Download for Windows

A game of this calibre was a PC original. If you haven’t installed it on your system before, well you are in luck. Because we are here to show you how to install it on your PC console for free. Not only is it free of cost but it is also free of viruses. We are guessing the fear of viruses infiltrating your system hindered you from downloading the game in the first place. It is good you held out for as long as you did because with these two methods, you cannot go wrong.

Download It Using Bluestacks

  1. Go to the website You will get a direct installation link there.
  2. The installation will finish in a few minutes. When it opens, you will see Play Store is in-built in it. Open it using your Google account.
  3. Look up the game’s name in the search bar. When you find it, click it to download.
  4. Dead By Daylight is now a click away from you on your home screen. Play it if you dare.

Download it using NoxPlayer

  1. Go to the site to download the application directly.
  2. When it opens, you will find Play Store in it. Open it by signing into your Google account first.
  3. Type the name of the game in the search bar. Click it to start the download once you find it.
  4. In a few minutes, your game will successfully download on your PC/Mac.
Download for Windows

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