Games often depict some mythical story which does have a lot of emotion and depth into the storyline and the portrayal of the game. Though these games are hard to find, others make it quite attractive with a minimalistic approach. 

Darkest Dungeon is one such game that has taken the world by storm through its simple gameplay interface and storyline. The game revolves around your characters’ mansion, where you have discovered a dungeon where you take a roster of heroes to explore. Fight off enemies, kill monsters, and more. It’s the complete deal. 

Darkest Dungeon Mods
Darkest Dungeon Mods

The game was developed and published by red hook studios. It is available on extensive platforms such as Microsoft Windows, iOS, play station 4, Nintendo Switch, and much more. The game was launched back in 2016. 

What are Mods?

Mods or modifications are external plugins or codes that alter the gameplay of the game to make it better and even remove the imperfections of the game. This quite the deal as it intuitive and ensures that players can have fun with the game in making it one of their won. Though the game might have everything, tweaking a few things can make all the difference indeed. 

List of Mods for Darkest Dungeon 

Geralt from The Witcher 3

The skins that the game provides are decent, but when you can put in Witcher 3 characters into the game, then it’s a whole different scenario. The mod helps in doing so, and the illustration on the characters are quite pronounced and in-depth representation of the characters is portrayed nicely. 

Pitch Black Dungeon

Those that require the dungeon to be pitch black can play it to their advantages and its exactly what the mod does in the game. Something that many might approve but some might object. 

UI Enhancements

The mod does what it tells it does. It merely makes everything much better in terms of detail and orientation. Things get smoother, graphics are crisp and feel like you are playing an entirely new game indeed. 

Stacking Inventory

In the game, characters aren’t allowed to carry more items. But through this mod, the value of every item changes, and it’s easier to carry more things while being under the threshold limit. 

Winter Wonderland

The particular mod helps in changing the surroundings to a wintery theme. It’s quite spooky but with a pinch of cold and giving the vibes of the holiday season. Those that prefer a snowy covered environment around them, then this would suffice them completely. 

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