The game embraces darkness but with a price. With darkness, expect the rise of evil and demons to create rampage and destruction upon the world. But your task is to put a stop to these monsters and demons risen back from the dead. 

Though it might sound simple and straightforward, the easiest of ells would prove to be the most challenging level as each boss fight has its unique way of gaining victory. But then as levels progress and you move ahead, the game becomes mostly unplayable because of the problematic nature of the game, and you get tired of seeing the memo “You died” being flashed again and again. 

Furthermore, the game received great reviews from fans and critics who enjoyed the game for what it has to offer. The game was developed by From Software and published by Bandai Namco studios back in 2016. The game is currently available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and play station 4. 

Ascension Mod for Dark Souls 3 

Ascension Mod Dark Souls 3
Ascension Mod Dark Souls 3

Mods either help the game in adding newer elements or just make the gameplay better by improving the game’s bad. Thus, they could be a boon or a cheat in bypassing challenging levels by creating your character healthier and skipping levels seamlessly. 

But then for those that are looking to add on more content onto dark souls? Then the Ascension mod is for you. Through this mod, the following things are possible. 

  • Newer fight boss music. 
  • Newer enemy placement along with more unique explorable content. 
  • Enhanced AI movement along with more significant physics of the game. 
  • Armour upgraded entirely. 
  • New classes and gifts. 
  • Newer changes in weapons and visual effects from the damage inflicted on the enemies. 
  • Newer armor effects. 

Though the changes might seem to be minimalistic, trust me, they are not. These enhancements could make the gameplay easier or just difficult for anyone to play. Though the game is challenging, learning the key moments to strike and take defense against demons is vital to ensuring that you have a fighting chance against them and not die now and then. 

Don’t worry, this mod doesn’t make you stronger but add son newer graphical elements here and there and enhance the game’s audio to a certain degree. 

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