Hero’s and villains have their fair share of enmity. But then when things get out of hand, it’s better to kill them to stop their cruelness once and for all. However, most of the action/adventure game shave bought upon. A similar topic, some change the demographic of the game by taking a group of people in destroying the enemy. For the same, there is one such title that was huge when it was released back in the early 2000s. Check it out. 

FULL NAME:Dark Cloud

What is Dark Cloud?

Dark cloud is an action/adventure game that revolves around a band of fights of an evil genie that has caused havoc and pain to several villages. Developed by Level – 5 and launched by Sony, it did wonders. 

The game is quite interesting though the story might be stagnant. It makes up beautifully for the graphical display of characters, great animations, plethora fo gameplay options, and more. 

For those willing to play the game today? Then you could get a play station two and start playing it. But then use an emulator on your computer to have the same fun on the go. 

Dark Cloud
Dark Cloud

Which Emulator to be used?

Multiple emulators can be used in emulating the game on your computer. But to choose one can take time, effort, and dedication to play numerous games and determine the best. To save you the prolific task of testing out these many emulators, we have taken the liberty to test them all, and the best we found was RetroArch. 

Why use RetroArch?

There are plenty of features that RetrArch offers to the users. Users can rewind gameplay, braid style, mapping of RGUI buttons to access features, load and save your games at any state, take your gaming experience to another level through the configuration of your gamepad for different games, and much more. 

The user interface is quite sleek and uniquely designed. It’s one fo the best emulators out there that has multi-console support to play different games on a different platform all under one roof. 

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