In pre-historic times, when there was an adequate shortage of water and supplies, animals turned onto each other to determine the “survival of the fittest.” Taking this into the core concept of a game, and we get several exciting titles that do make it a worthwhile experience in playing them. But today, we have one such exciting title that was either a hit or miss but undoubtedly a hit for us. 

FULL NAME:Cubivore

What is Cubivore?

Cubivore is the product of Nintendo that was launched way back in 2002. As an action-adventure game, it’s quite nice and oriented well enough for the players to enjoy it. The primary intent of the game revolves around your characters where you have to eat other animals to determine the fittest of them all. You keep growing and gain powers as you mutate and get stronger.  

Though it received some mixed reviews on the overall ideology and gameplay features of the game, it did offer an interesting take on the structuring and features of it provided. Upon its initial release, it was only on the Game Cube platform. 


Which Emulator to be used to play the game?

Playing the game on game cube may/may not be feasible in today’s day and age. However, you could find a game cube and use it to run the game. Even then you couldn’t get that feasibility of playing the game, some emulators would help in getting the best of the game. Dolphin emulator is one popular game cube emulator that we highly recommend for various features, and it surely doesn’t disappoint.  

Why choose Dolphin emulator?

There are several reasons as to why we are recommending this emulator for you. It offers a high-definition quality in enjoying the game. Every game runs with close to no bugs or no bugs whatsoever. 

It’s an open-source project, and this allows for constant updates and developments to improve the overall usability of the emulator. All the necessary emulator features of saving, loading, replaying of states are present. 

You even get the compatibility of external gaming pads and controllers connected to the computer via USB connection. The emulator even supports Wii console with extensive customizability options. 

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