Keeping a system protected and away from threats is vital. Especially in the 21st century, where there is an increasing number of ransomware, malware attacks affected the general public.

Due to this reason, several antivirus software have upped their ante in ensuring that their customers are protected no matter what. But this protection comes at a price.

For those that wish to bypass this price and look into a free alternative of a fully-fledged antivirus, then we have something exclusive for you. 

FULL NAME:Crystal Security for Windows

What is Crystal Security?

Crystal Security is free cloud-based antivirus software and it was specially made for the Windows platform. It provides real-time updates on the actions taken against malware elimination in the system. 

The software is capable of importing and exporting all settings. It’s packed with plenty of features such as silent mode, password protection, automatic database updates, shell integration, stealth guard, self-protection module, and more. 

The users have the option of undertaking a full system scan or a custom one. So, you can scan any file, folder, XML file, etc. for a quick check or advanced scan. The software also offers real-time anti-malware protection through all files, custom locations and program files. 

Crystal Security
Crystal Security
Download for Windows

The user can select files that are important so it is easy to avoid harmful if the software detects them to be dangerous. Various configurations to the antivirus software are executable to get the perfect anti-malware software all for free. 

The application runs on any version of Windows running versions from XP to 10 but there is no support for macOS. 

Key features of Crystal Security

Anti-Malware Software

The software provides real-time updates and threat detection of malware in the system. As a result, this software helps in the removal of such threats effortlessly and keeps the system protected. 

Cloud-based Application

The entire system is updated by its millions of users worldwide. So, each user provides additional information on keeping the system safe and away from viruses.


A simple user interface, automatic/manual updates, multiple features, cloud-based software, and more. You get all this for free with this software. 

How to Download and Install Crystal Security on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Application 

You can download the software from its official website. It’s not large but quite small packed with a plethora of features. 

  • Install it

Once the installer has been downloaded, open the installer and run it. Follow the instructions and let the software install. 

  • Enjoy the Software

Upon successful installation, open the program and you can finally enjoy the effortless protection of the system through crystal security. 

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