There are hordes of shooting games on the web. Most of them come with cool crosshair features for the user to experiment shooting with. But sometimes these crosshair features can be laggy, resulting in tempers mounting and finally, the inevitable shutdown of the game. The problem with such games is that they revolve completely around shooting. And if that itself bugs the player, then there’s no point in playing. This is where Crosshair Aim comes in. It tracks your FPS games, changes the crosshair designs to suit your taste and works on improving overall gameplay. For the gamers who thrive on first person shooting games, you might want to check this application out. You won’t be disappointed.

FULL NAME:Crosshair Aim
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Key Features Of Crosshair Aim

Customise Your Games
Crosshair Aim comes with a truckload of overlays to add to your shooting games. This enhances the gameplay experience. You can change the colour of your crosshair, adjust size to ease controls of your weapon and basically tinker with the settings until your shooting skills are improved. Make custom crosshair for the weapons in your arsenal so you can target practice efficiently. It is alright if your weapons don’t support crosshair because you can readily make one for them.

Massive Game Support
Choose any shooting game you like and Crosshair Aim will automatically tweak the settings to fit your preference. It is super convenient to use and the customisation options make your game more exciting. You will be delighted to see it works for every FPS shooting game on the web. With Crosshair Aim, you get incredible shooting practice which is sure to make you a field expert in no time.

Release] Overlay Crosshair v3.2 + Source
Download for Windows

Improve Your Skills
If you have weak eyesight and poor shooting skills, this application won’t fail you. It thoroughly improves your aim by increasing crosshair size. You can work on your tactical skills whilst having fun with the overlays. Practice your shooting with ease and never miss another target again.

How To Download It On PC

Nowadays, it is easy to download mobile games on our systems. There used to be a time when games built in a mobile’s ecosystem could not be run on PC consoles. But now with the creation of softwares like android emulators, that can be done in a few minutes. Of course you always have the alternative of downloading game files from popular APK sites. But such sites are not always reliable. This is why; the road of emulation is preferred. Here, we will show you exactly how to download Crosshair Aim on your PC/Mac using MEmu play, a popular emulator in the market

Download for Windows
  1. Firstly, visit the website You will find a direct download link for the emulator there. Just click on it and MEmu will be downloaded.
  2. When it launches, you will find the Play Store on its home screen. Before you can make full use of it, you will have to sign in to your Google account.
  3. Once you are done with that, search for the app name in the store. From the search results, click the right app to start downloading.
  4. In a few minutes, Crosshair Aim will be available on your PC. 

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