Certain games in the market do make a difference, but then there are entire games series that takes it to a whole new level. Very few game titles have been able to reach this stage where it has been appreciated vastly and much by many. But even in those, no doubt, they might not be perfect, but the way it worked out is what that matter. Today, we have an exciting title taken from another legendary series of games. 

FULL NAME:Crisis Core

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What is Crises Core?

Crises core is the seventh installation of the final fantasy series of games. It’s a game that focuses on the story of Zack Fair, who happens to be the youngest member of the parliamentary organization called SOLDIER. His task is to look for the missing SOLDIER Genesis Raphsodoes. 

His search leads him through several ups and downs and other mysterious to be uncovered. He finds about project G and Sephiroth and Angeal Hawley (high ranked officials at SOLDIER) for their linking to the disappearance of the missing person. 

The storyline of the game takes the characters through the war between the people of Wutai and megacorporation Shinra in Nibelheim just before the start of the game. The game was launched only for the play station portable in 2007 and 2008. 

Crisis Core
Crisis Core

Which Emulator to use?

To emulate games on a computer, the correct emulator must be utilized. It’s to ensure that the overall gameplay isn’t disrupted and you get the right feel of the game on your computer system. Though many can do this, few stand out to be the rest in offering different features. One of them happens to PPSSPP. 

As weird as the name might sound, PPSSPP is an intuitive emulator that takes the entire gaming experience to a whole new level. Is PPSSPP isn’t the one for you, then there are other emulators one could make use of such as PCSP, JPSCP, and Potemkin. 

Three Related Games

Rising World

Hailing to be a sandbox game, the game is entirely random where players have a fully destructible environment around them. Create some of the biggest cities and other town plans as per your preference. There are different materials to choose from, and the creation of cities is all based on your choice. 


Have you ever wondered how other plants looked like? And felt like exploring them? Well, Grav is one such title that lets you do the same. Explore different planets, hunt animals, craft weapons and armours, survive against other players in hostile environments and more. Even the creation of alien ships is a possibility. 

Legrand Legacy

What would you do if you woke up with no memory of your past but with great powers beyond your imagination? Oh, and a great war is still going as well. Yes, you would bring a stop to the war to bring peace and serenity. That’s precisely what the game offers. But be careful with whom you trust, as backstabbers are of plenty in the game.  

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