Bringing any fantasy to life can be effortlessly made possible through games. It helps in getting all your imagination and thoughts converted to fictional characters that you can play within a game. Though few might be successful with its implementation, others, not so much. 


Today, we are going to discuss one such game that showed massive potential and delivered it in an average scale at most. Let’s take a look. 

What is Crash 2?

Crash 2 is a role-playing game that takes place in a fictional world near the islands of Australia. The game revolves around the characters where he is abducted by the game’s villain, who tricks him into believing that he is his master and helps him in gather crystals to support the villain contain the power of the destruction of the earth to his gain. 

It’s quite an exciting storyline with amazing graphics and great gameplay features. The game was only released on one platform but gained a wider audience as its time progressed. For those that are willing to play the game on a computer, then an emulator would be required. 

Crash 2
Crash 2

Which Emulator would be required?

For those wondering if you can play PlayStation games on your computer? Then yes, it’s possible, and the emulator you would require is RetrArch. Its one of the best we have come across and would do justice to your gaming experience on the emulator. 

Why choose RetroArch?

RetroArch is one of the highly regarded emulators that help you play a lot of games from different platforms. It’s nimble and offers a great extent of customizability features for that perfect gaming experience. 

The user interface is sleek and trimmed with all necessary emulator tools present. Even the option of attaching a USB connected controller, gamepad, the joystick is a feasible option. Though the configuration process might be a bit tricky, getting it just right should give you the best time to play the game. 

Three Related Games

Super Mario Bros. 

One of the best games for the 90s happens to be Super Mario Bros. though a single player, you have complete control of the Italian plumber that needs to get from point A to Point B in the hunt to save the princess from the trecious hands of a demon. The game did include multiplayer mode later on, but a true masterpiece of a game indeed. 


As an FPS game, it’s unique and unparalleled to the time when it was released. The overall motive of the game is to kill your enemies through your time manipulation device. Though it’s quite reminiscent of COD, Half-Life 2 it does have its flair of magic and appeal. 

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

If you are someone that enjoyed gaming in the 90s, then this classic title wouldn’t be amiss from your checklist of classic games. It was a role-playing game that made the best of its time by offering fantastic graphics, great storyline, and great gameplay features. 

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