Often, to make things interesting in a gaming title, the hero and the villain join hands in stopping a greater force of evil. Though things get back to standard from the next iteration onwards, for the current game it’s a whole new experience indeed. For the same, the title discussed here is quite emphatic in offering an in-depth take on how a villain and hero work together to save the world. 

FULL NAME:Crash Twinsanity

What is Crash Twinsanity?

Crash twin sanity is the eleventh instalment in the crash bandicoot game series which as a unique twist to it. The story takes place three years after the wrath of cortex took place. The story revolves around crash (the main character) and neocortex (the bad guy) working for hand-in-hand to save the Wumpa islands from evil twins from an extradimensional territory. 

Though the game is quite vibrant in terms of the graphic and other departments, it did receive many appraisals amongst fans. The game as developed by Travellers’ Tales and published by Vivendi Universal Games. The game as lunched on the play station two and Xbox platform respectively back in 2004. 

Crash Twinsanity
Crash Twinsanity

Why Emulator to be used?

Trying out different emulators to see which one of them offers the gameplay experience on a computer is a challenging task at hand. Especially when there are so many options out there. For the best way to enjoy play station two games on your computer, then PCSX2 Is the emulator to choose. 

The emulator is available for Windows, Linux and macOS respectively. The emulator offers texture filtering, anti-aliasing, high-resolution gameplay displays and more. Other emulators that you can try outplay!, PS2emu and NeutrinoSX2. 

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