Racing games have bought their very own flavour and take on how players would race their cars. But then for the ones that wanted to infuse specific character-based games to the racing unaversive, few titles stand out from the rest. Such titles have the edge in making things better and also allowing players to use their characters differently. For the same reason, we have an exciting title for you today up for discussion which hails from the “Bandicoot” universe.  

FULL NAME:Crash Team Racing

What is Crash Team Racing?

Crash team racing is the fourth instalment of the Crash bandicoot series. To understand what the game has to offer, then it’s all about crash racing with other players to save the world. Well, it’s against its evil nemesis Nitrous Oxide. There are well over fifteen characters to choose from although only eight are available at first. 

More the races you take, the greater the characters that get unlocked. Critics highly appraised the game for its unique gameplay features and the way it handled the entire franchise of crash to another level. 

Crash Team Racing
Crash Team Racing

Which Emulator to be used and why?

There are various emulators out there that can emulate the game seamlessly especially if you are looking for PlayStation emulator. Out of all the ones that we could find, the one that comes closest for being easy to use and simple to understand is “Avocado.”

Though the name might sound quite different, the emulator is available on Windows, macOS and Linux. With multi-platform support, it makes up for excellent gaming experience and offers the same graphical and gameplay interface that one would get through a PlayStation console. 

Three Related Games

Need for Speed Underground 2

If customizing cars and engaging in illegal street racing is your thing, then this game will not disappoint. Need for speed is a franchise that is known for providing users with an extensive array of customization options, epic gameplay features, excellent graphics, and so much more. 

Crash Nitro Cart

The game is based on a cart style racing. Here crash, and his friends are taken to another planet where they have to race to save their lives. Though the other series bought a single villain, here they have Neo Cortex and Emperor Velo to worry about. The game is quite adventures with different gameplay modes and the ability to have two players to play the game. 

Super Mario Cart

Hailed to be one of the best franchises to ever made, Nintendo’s first-ever racing game was through Super Mario cart. The game lets you play with different characters for the Mario series but in a racing format. The overall graphics and theme is based on the Super Mario world itself. 

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