Computers are highly effective when it comes to the storage and processing power of information. But the data stored in computers often get neglected by the user in most scenarios. But one fine day, your computer starts to lag, and the primary reasons might be storage. Though there are plenty of cleaners out there, nothing comes close to a crap cleaner that gets the job done effortlessly and precisely. 

FULL NAME:Crap Cleaner
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What is a Crap Cleaner?

A crap cleaner is a computer cleaning software that helps clean out unnecessary data from the computer, making it faster and effective. The cleaner helps get all of the dirt out of the system, such as cache files, deleted items, remains of installed software, and much more. Even malicious data and files get clean through the software. The software is available on Microsoft Windows and macOS. 

Key features of the software. 


The software is quite convenient in getting rid of unwanted files and data from the system. It deletes any harmful data and files immediately and scans the entire hard disk to check for unwanted files deleted. 

Highly effective. 

The defragmentation of the hard disk is quite possible through the software. You can also clear out the most potent of files that aren’t getting deleted by the computer by itself. More challenging things for cleaning are done exceptionally well by the software. 


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Download for Windows

The software is entirely compatible with almost all PC’s around the world. It’s compatible with a broad range of web explorers as well. 

How to download and install it on PC?

Get the installation files. 

The installation files can be found from the crap cleaners’ official site. You might have to pay for the full version, but you get a trial version as well.  

Install the software. 

Once it’s downloaded, install the software by following the on-screen set of instructions and install it correctly. 

Have fun using it. 

Use the application as per your needs and preferences. 

How to download and install it on macOS?

Download the relevant DMG files. 

The necessary DMG files are available on crap cleaners’ official websites, where you will have to pay a fee to buy the software. 

Open and install it. 

Upon downloading the software, open it, and install it in the Applications folder. Ensure that the software installs correctly. 

Download for Windows

Enjoy using it. 

If installed correctly, the application should open after installation, and users can start using it. 

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