Resurrecting those nostalgic feelings can be a more straightforward task if you were to pay the game form your childhood. Though those consoles on which you might play them aren’t available as of now, you could do the same on your computer as well.


Back in the days, before there were any PlayStation or Xbox, there were old bitrate gaming consoles, and one central console from that era was CPS2. 

What is the CPS2 Emulator?

CPS2 was a retrograde gaming platform that did have its fair share of popularity and support an extensive array of games altogether. In the present day and age, getting this console would be a hurdle, and its where an emulator comes into the picture. 

CPS2 emulator is a lightweight simulation of what the gaming console would provide on the television screen, but now on a computer. It’s a simple application that lets you play the vast number of games on the console right form your computer. 

Though there are plenty of emulators in the market, the best from them happens to be Final Burn, which we are going to discuss in detail. It’s an emulator that has it all. All the standard tools of any emulator are stored in the emulator with additional feature support. 

CPS2 Emulator
CPS2 Emulator

The emulator is only available on Windows and not for macOS. But other CPS2 emulators do provide support for both. 

Key Features CPS2 Emulator

  • Play as You Like

The emulator is quite feasible in offering a crisp and addictive user interface. It’s quite intuitive and helps users in navigating through the emulator effortlessly. 

  • Standard Emulator Features

All the tools, features, and options that you would expect from a generic emulator is widely available in the emulator. All you have to do is access them, which is available on the toolbar. 

  • Great Customizability

The emulator helps users in customizing it as and how they feel. You can toggle a full-screen mode and much more to elevate the overall productivity factor while playing the game. 

How to Download and Install it on PC

  • Download the emulator

Any third-party site hosts the game. Several niche sites would give you the full version of the emulator. Download it. 

Once downloaded, extract/open it. set up the installer and let the emulator install. Based on your system configuration, the emulator shouldn’t take much time in installing it. 

  • Enjoy

Upon successful installation, open the emulator either form the desktop shortcut or from the installation directory. You can drag and drop the ROM files to the emulator to start playing it. 

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