No doubt, games have done an excellent job of getting surplus titles to rise to fame. But even then, few consoles are just loved by all, and people have a blast in playing on them. One of them happens to be the PSP which was the flagship product of Sony but soon scrapped due to other competitive consoles. 

FULL NAME:Corpse Party

But during its reign as the most advanced portable console, it sure did bring up some fascinating and exciting titles at most. Today, we have one such exciting game to discuss below. 

What is the Corpse Party?

If you are wondering the game might be the same as what it says on its title, then it’s the total opposite. The game is all a monster adventure game that is packed with horror elements and some role-playing bits here and there. 

As a player, you have to interact with your surroundings to escape the haunted school grounds where you will be trapped. It’s a strategic, puzzle-oriented game that does require patience and dedication in clearing each level. 

There are a total of five chapters where each chapter gives you the option of interacting with other characters and different surroundings as well. There are plenty of wrong endings and HP to determine the amount of damage you can withstand from your enemies.

Corpse Party ROM
Corpse Party ROM

The game was initially launched for the PSP platform but then expanding to other mainstream gaming consoles. To play it on the computer would require a PSP emulator. 

Which PSP emulator to be used?

Play station Portable was one of the best portable consoles of its time. Though finding one today might not be feasible, it is a better option to emulate its game on the computer. For this, there are hundreds of emulators on the market, but then the best we found was PPSSPP. 

Why use PPSSPP?

As weird as the name might get, it does the job well of emulating the PSP game effortlessly on the computer. Its everything that you could ask from a computer emulator. There are plenty of configuration options where anisotropic filtering, vertical synchronization, texture scaling are just a few of the many opportunities that users can alter to scale up their gaming experience.  

The emulator supports a wide range of PSP oriented games and offers users the traditional compatibility of every emulator that works on a computer. There is full support for gamepads, keyboards, mouse, and joystick control as well. 

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As Oni

When you see a haunted mansion, your basic instinct is to run away from it. But in movies and games, it’s an alternate universe were checking it out is the first instinct that kicks in. The same is with the game. Your characters are trapped in a haunted mansion where you have to solve a complex puzzle, mysterious and more to save his friend escape from the monster. 


The entire game is about your character that has lost all her memory due to an accident. Solve the puzzle, unravel horror mysterious, and much more. It sure does quench that horror factor extensively from a game. 

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