The CPU is definitely the brain of the computer. It is where all the essential processing happens. Without a CPU, a computer is just a dummy machine. CPU can work and process load for hours on end. But like the human brain, it is susceptible to fatigue caused by overworking. We can detect the CPU’s fatigue from the heat it emanates and the slow processing of tasks.

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To avoid slowing processing, it is essential that the CPU load is monitored at all times. And this is where Core Temp comes to picture. This compact software keeps a diligent eye on each core temperature of the processor. It gives real-time analysis of the load befalling on the CPU. If it crosses a certain load threshold, we will be notified. This way, we can get rid of unnecessary background apps so as to reduce the load on the processor. Core Temp is therefore especially useful in stabilising the speed of the processor.

Key Features Of Core Temp

Display Core Temperatures
Every individual core of the CPU is put under intense scrutiny. You get an hour-by-hour analysis of its temperature fluctuations. These records can be logged into a separate excel sheet, either manually or automatically. Additionally, you get to see a graph outlining the workloads different processes have on the CPU. This lets you regulate your work into a more stable flow. 

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Monitor Your devices
Core Temp comes with several useful add-ons. This includes the Core Temp Monitor and Core Temp Remote Server. Once you install the software on the devices you wish to monitor, you can log in to the app and check your devices’ status in one window. This way, you get to monitor the heat flow emanating from your devices without being in their vicinity. You are basically monitoring the processors from a remote location.

Add Plug-Ins
Core Temp provides a wide platform to add several plug-ins. A prominent example is Core Temp Grapher beta. It outlines a graph between the load percentage and core temperature per processor core. As you can tell, these plug-ins extend the functionality of the software. In addition, Core Temp’s settings are highly customisable. So you can nicely tinker with them until you are satisfied.

How To Download On PC

It is vital that you download this software if you wish to improve your CPU performance. Here’s how you can go about downloading it onto your system:

  1. Visit the link Here you will find download links to different bit systems. Choose one that matches your system requirements.
  2. After clicking the ‘Download Now’ button, the zip file will be downloaded. 
  3. Extract the contents of this zip file. Among the contents, you will find a file with .exe extension. Double click it.
  4. Run the setup process according to the instructions that pop up. In a few minutes, Core Temp will be installed on your system.
Download for Windows

Unfortunately, the Core app isn’t available for Mac OS. However, there are some alternate softwares that are equally efficient. You can check them out by visiting the link below: 

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