Cool Edit Pro is now better known as Adobe Audition. It is a workstation for digital audio. Powered by Adobe Systems, it features both multitrack mode, non-destructive mix, and edit environment. It comes with a destructive-approach waveform editing view.

FULL NAME:Cool Edit Pro

The 2.0 version of Cool Edit Pro is more than just an audio editor. It enters the loop-based music composition space and supports basic MIDI operations. Cool Edit Pro can also be used to obtain video soundtracks. It is no wonder how popular Cool Edit Pro is and it is justified. In terms of its ease of use, availability, and value, Cool Edit Pro is super hard to beat at just a mere sticker price of $69 (For the version Cool Edit Pro 2000), which is a feature-limited variant of the comprehensive Cool Edit Pro 2.0 which in turn costs $249.

Key Features

Audio Tools

  • The tools used for audio editing are a powerful argument for placing Cool Edit to your editing suite. The mere copying, cutting, pasting, and trimming tools are more accurate and accessible than the audio tools usually found in most video-based editors. The audio analysis tools are specifically robust, and they have an immediate real-world use for the Phase Analysis tool.


  • With an easy click, the interface changes from the standard audio editor to an incredible, well-packed multitrack loop-based recording and composition studio. The interface is extensively customizable. The track controls could instantly be expanded (by right-clicking) to view more advanced tools and menus.
  • At the bottom of the interface is a project output level audiometer that recognizes clipping issues. It does not have a numeric suggestion of how much over the peak the sound is leaping, which makes reducing the level a bit of a guessing game. The mixer window is comparable to a real-world mixer board with each track (stereo) represented by an individual slider.
Cool Edit Pro 2.1
  • Recording a track is as easy as clicking the record button on your phone. However, Windows and mixers of the audio card can make the initial configuration a bit difficult. Once the audio is recorded into a track, a double-click on the way instantly and quickly switches back to the edit view. This is just one example of the integrated aspect of the interface that makes Cool Edit Pro fun to use. Similar effects can be implemented to audio files in the audio editor and can be permanently saved.


  • The loop creation tools are excellent and have the loop-based composition aspects of Cool Edit. Most of the standard features one would expect are here. These include beat and key matching and loops and are easy enough to lie down and move around. 


  • Although one can easily add videos to their projects, yet one would need fast mechanics for this to be smoothly usable. When a video film gets imported into the program, it is a requirement for it to undergo quite a lot of processing before one could start working. Altogether, this processing takes about 40 seconds for every minute of video (DV source). This duration of processing is a weakness for Cool Edit Pro.

How to Download and Install

  1. For safety reasons one should download Cool Edit Pro from since they have all the files scanned for malware and viruses. Also, one can easily find their recent screenshots and YouTube videos of the software. 
  2. After the file is downloaded, there will be a .exe or .msi installation file or .zip archive that may need to be first unpacked. Double-click on the executable file and follow the setup wizard to install the software. 
  3. Go to and click on the Start Download button.

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