Retro games have been in our mindsets for an extended period. These games have made our childhood memorable and unforgettable, no matter what. It’s one exciting part of such games that have made it this interesting.  


Titles such as Mario, Tetris, Pacman, sonic, pokemon have elevated the way our childhood was and revealed an entirely new universe to us. But then in terms of action games where it was purely based on shooting in the late 90s is where one engaging title comes to picture. 

What is CONTRA?

Contra is a 2D game that revolves around two brothers, lance and bill. Their objective is to kill enemies with their unlimited ammunition to defeat different bosses at different stages. It’s a nostalgic feeling playing the game in today’s day and age. 

But the starting of the game is something where you have to slide down from the helicopter and start shooting your enemies. Fascinating stuff!! Despite being in 2D, the gameplay never lacked anything but made up beautifully and helped players be engaged with the game throughout. 

Launched in 1987, the game was made by Konami and did do wonders in the two-player segment of shooting and action-based games. The game was available on the NES platform with other platforms released thereon. 


Which Emulator to Use?

There are hundreds of Nintendo Ds emulator options out there. But what we feel is that you should go for DeSmuMe as we have tried and tested it several times. Based on what it has to offer, we would recommend it remarkably. 

Why choose DeSmuMe?

As weird as the name might sound, it’s packed with features and customizability options. Users can adjust the graphics, the gameplay orientation, full-screen mode, controls and much more. 

There is a cheat code manager as well. All the bells and whistles of a regular emulator are present and make it a pleasant experience to enjoy classic retro games. 

Three Related Games

Contra Four

Ever since the launch of the first-ever contra, the game has never failed to impress and excite users all around the globe. Despite being a 2D, run and shoot game, it offers a subtle touch of elegance in shooting and winning every level. There are different characters to choose from and new boss stages that might give you a taste of defeat or in a few cases, victory.  

Super Cyborg

Your only task in this game is to kill and defeat creatures to advance to the next level. The game is a 2D slider, puzzle-solving, a run, and a gun-based game that lets users have the thrill of their lives enjoying classic retro games once again. 


This is a puzzle-solving, slider running, action-packed adventure game where you have to defeat evil and save humanity from getting extinct. The game is based in a post-apocalyptic future where a global war is raging and could put the entire world in peril. 

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