Hello Developer! What do you use for development? Do you do it on a terminal or the command prompt already available on your computer. But you do not even require it and we will tell you about other great options that you could use instead. You can use a command prompt right from your external device hence you giving you the similar features without having to loading your operating system completely.

FULL NAME:Command Prompt Portable

Command Prompt Portable is a small-sized system enhancement utility that enables you to run a command-line environment if you have the knowledge level required for the same. It is directly activated from an external storage device. By not relying on the graphical interface of the Windows OS or even the “CMD” tool that is embedded into it, users of this app can be sure that they can do their work on every PC that can access their portable USB stick.

Features of Command Prompt Portable

Completely Free

Command Prompt Portable is absolutely free and can be used on all versions of Windows. The app has been optimized for running portable USB storage drivers but there is no installation app. Also, it makes no changes to the Windows Registry database. Hence completely safe even if you are trying out something new.

Customization Tools

Despite the fact that this application is mainly focussed on delivering standard test-based interface from the old days of DOS, one could still find new customization tools. These tools will help you transform some aspects of the application. You could change the color of the cursor, title of the main app window, and change the columns and cursor. The settings changes are managed by the contents of BAT file which uses standard DOS commands.

Command Prompt Portable
Command Prompt Portable

Small Size

Since it is a very simple application which does not encompass many tools and features, the size of this very small and the layout is the simplest of all the apps that ever existed. The setup version of this application is also very small in size.

How to Download Command Prompt Portable

  1. Search for Command Prompt Portable on your search engine.
  2. Choose one of the websites that you trust and clock on download.
  3. Once this download is complete, you can simply move it to your external storage.
  4. Next time you want to use this, simply plug in the removable storage and you are all set to go.

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